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chapter twenty three: jelious friend

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1 chapter twenty three: jelious friend on Fri May 09, 2008 3:46 pm


Kaji's eyes turned red and he said "it's not fair!! you get all the glory, powers, and girls!! i thought i was the one she was talking about..... im gonna kill you lardyn!!" Kaji charged at lardyn, but hayashi tackled him to the ground and pined him to the floor with large thorns from his back. Lardyn then said "you can't beat me enymore kaji, im just to strong for you now." kaji's eyes shot on fire and he shot fire balls at lardyn. Lardyn dodged them with ease. Kaji gets more angry and shoots larger fire balls at lardyn, but lardyn just sommons his wings and flyies into the sky, dodging the fire balls. Kaji then breaks out of the thorns and jumps to lardyn saying "im gonna kill you!!" Lardyn then throws a tree at him and he falls to the floor. Lardyn then says "you will always lose if you have no strategy... someone told me that". Kaji then got up and said "thenk you lardyn... i needed that hit.... i don't know what came over me...." Suki then says "im sorry that you feel that way kaji..... but for what its worth.... when i first met you.... i thought you were the one." Lardyn then said "hey no hard fealings man? besides, i diden't even say that i will marry here. i mean, don't i even get a saying in this?" Everyone laughs at lardyn's words and walks to the front of the deck. Lardyn then says "that wasen't a joke!!! this is messed up...." Then suki yells "darnassus!"
and Lardyn runs to the front of the deck. they then see large buildings and lights and people by the dock waving there hands.

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