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Chapter nine:Crystal knight

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1 Chapter nine:Crystal knight on Sat May 10, 2008 1:14 am


Abyssol and Rush arrive at the ruins seeing Sara waiting for them.Abyssol says "Status report" Sara smileing, no blood bath welcome this time but it seems the crystal knight is in the underground part of the ruins.Lucky for us I`ve found were the room he is in is. Using liquid metal mice and turned them into bombs on ceiling of the room next to his room.The explosion causes a hole on the surface then we jump in and break through the wall between the two rooms thus avoideing the whole dungeon crawling bullshit.Rush,"Is this how you guys say hi?" Abyssol,Rush and Sara get to the area were the room is underneath.Sara,Rush go stand next to that pillar thats your postion.Rush walks to the pillar says "So whats you guys postion" Sara raises her hand, i told you i`d get you back for your comment while i was injured.Sara snaps her figuers and the expolsion happens right underneath Rush.Causeing him to fall into the room with the pillar landing on top of him.As Abyssol and Sara jump down the pit Rush lifts himself out of the the rubble."YOU BITCH" I`m gonna...... Sara formed a huge metal gauanlet and punched Rush in the face with such force he flew threw the wall into the next room.Abyssol sighing,You know you could have just punched the wall itself.Sara walking threw the hole,He called me a bitch and it was so much more satisfiying my way.Abyssol says "get serious who knows what this knight will do or say he`s in here somewere" Sara shouts OH CRAP!.Abyssol looks to see Sara pokeing Rush saying,I knocked him unconcious!Abyssol side steps away from Sara.The crystalized room lights up revealing a knights armor made out of blue crystal siting on a throne.Abyssol draws his twin blades,"Sara look after Rush it looks like Gaz meant test not blessing"Sara drags a unconscious Rush back threw the hole they made to get in.The crystal knight starts walking down the steps from his throne forming a sword and shield in his hands made out of the the same crystal as his armor.Abyssol`s blades light up with dark aura.

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2 Re: Chapter nine:Crystal knight on Wed May 28, 2008 3:37 pm


sara rocks lol

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