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Chapter 4~Preparation - Part 2~Mental Contact

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1 Chapter 4~Preparation - Part 2~Mental Contact on Tue May 13, 2008 1:04 pm


Clash asumed his stance and said "Well lets get started then.He had been having the urge to fight recently.
He ran toward Senshi with some minor trasformations.Clash swung his arm to claw at Senshis face but he simply just dodged by ducking slightly.Following with a kick to Senshi but he just vanished right before impact.Then he apeared behind Clash and said "No,not that kind of traning.You must first gain some of your new abilities first.
"How,when I dont even know what they could be" Clash asked.
Then Senshi opened his hand ,put it over clash's head and said"Let me have mental contact with you.Leave your mind blank and relax".Senshi's and Clash's eyes started to glow and so did clash's.Then they found themselves in another state of conciousnes together.It felt as if they were still in the physical world."This is your mind,complete darkness".They herd growling and out of the darkness ccame a dragon that Clash had battled recently.It glided toward Clash and bit Clash's arm.Clash panicked and tried to transform but could not.In the physical world he started to bleed from his arm and Kami knew exactly what was going on.Senshi did nothing and said "What,you cant fight without your powers".Clash's eyes widened and he was trembling as he saw the dragon getting ready to claw at him."This is your mind clash,control it" Senshi said.Clash locked his eyes into the dragons and it let go of his arm and backed off.He then saw other animals come out of the darknes.There were too many to count.To his suprise he saw other animals that he had touched before but never thought he had inside him.He then saw a fish swiming in air right passed him.He always had a limit of three but now he belived he had a limitles amount of creatures to obtain.He loved animals and always escaped from all the problems at his clan to with them.But the forest are home to dangerous animals as well and that i how he had gotten the ones he was using for battle.
There were even more than one of each race.Even the smallest of all animals and insects showed themselves.
Clash started to remember his past of the forest and trees started to show themselves,grass,ponds,ines,light.Then the animals scatered.

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