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chapter twenty eight: blood elf king

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1 chapter twenty eight: blood elf king on Tue May 13, 2008 5:13 pm


Lardyn then says "who is that!!??" raru then said "dammit!!! we are not close to strong enough to face him now!! thats King dontai.[img][/img]the king of blood elfs. he was our king's brother. he would have been our king when a strange traveler came and assasenated his brother. but he was so angry about the experiment, that he just laughed and took the loss as a oppratunity and attacked darnassus." after raru explained to lardyn, King dontai said "You will learn not to betray the blood elf race!!! feel the rath of king dontai!!! king of blood elfs!!!!" he then shot a large ball of energy Lardyn and raru tried to move but they noticed blood elfs holding them down. Lardyn tried to break lose, but the blood elf would not let go. as the energy ball was reaching Lardyn and raru, a large berrier protected them from the attack. Lardyn looked behind him and saw a elf standing there.

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sneaky bastered using pictures to cover up your short ass chapters

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hell yea wats up wit that n this is youkai i got bored


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