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a new friend arrives 'raion'-28

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1 a new friend arrives 'raion'-28 on Tue May 13, 2008 5:50 pm


Flame Demon
' Come on youkai think, you have to figure a way out of this predicament. Lets see, youma is tired, D. needs to rest, the villagers are stuck and fang won't be must use out here. He's good in one on one
battles,but I doubt he's good on taking on this many. Damn it even I can't take on this many.' Youkai not sure what he should do decided that he should take on all the dragons himself." D, youma when I give the
singal, the both of you take the villagers to the back of the village. Don't worry about the dragons ill clear a path, then ill fight the dragons by myself. Ok." Youkai drawing his sword and preparing to attack noticed that D. couldn't move and the villagers were to scared to move. Also youma needed to rest himself so he would be able to take D. to safety. ' damn I guess I have no other choice, I am just gonna have to
summon fang.' Youkai about to summon fang saw that the dragons were waiting, waiting as if more dragons were coming." Hey youma are these dragons what I think they are." Youkai stabing his enkou in the ground."
Yes they are just merely babys. And they are awaiting their parents. Youkai do not, and I mean do not be fooled by them. They are strong." Youma having recovered enough to fly D. out and into safety. Now waiting
on youkai to make his move, D. hopped onto youma's back, drawing her sword as to attack. Instead she held it for defense." Ready D." "Ready youkai." Picking up enkou youkai turned around and fired a flame wave
into the dragons making them flee into the air towards safety." Now. Go now." Youkai now using his flame barrier to cover the sky with a wall of fire to cover everyones escape. Once everyone left youkai stopped what he was doing and re-sealed his sword." Didn't I said that I'll take care
of the dragons." Youkai turned around to find a man with earth flying around him." My name is raion. And I'm one of the element master knight.
I'm here to help." Raion drawing his sword stood side by side with youkai and waited for the dragons to make their move." Its a pleasure to meet you raion. I am youkai. I am...." " I know who you are and its a honor to fight along side a skilled and powerful warrior like yourself."
Cutting youkai off compelety. With the introductions out the was youkai drew his sword as well and got ready to battle the dragons with a new
allie.' Enkou please I need your help.' The swords re-acted to youkai's
thoughts started to glow first a dark red, like his fathers used to. Then turning completely black changing shape yet again into a brand new and more powerful sword." Now lets see if you really are as strong as I hoped you'll be. Enkou." Charging into the dragons head on with raion not so far behind.

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