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the new team up' youkai and raion'-29

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1 the new team up' youkai and raion'-29 on Wed May 14, 2008 5:03 pm


Flame Demon
Jumping into the air slashed down onto the dragon but missing completely, not thinking the dragon would dodge his attack looked up into the sky just in time to see raion cut the dragons head off with a
sword. " not bad raion, but we still have a lot more to go." Youkai cutting off the hand of the dragon that tryed to claw raion in the back." That's for having my back but I'm curious, why didn't you allow
your allies to help you." Standing in front of youkai didn't noticed that there was a dragon behind him and that the dragon had surrounded them yet again." Well for one thing their tired, and another thing is
that I would rather fight this fight by myself then get them involve." As the dragons prepare to attack them youkai rised his hand up into the and created a wall of fire like he did before. The dragon now launching a stream of fire hit the wall and made an explosion.

Hearing the explosion D. and youma turned around. " I don't care what he says, he needs help." Hopping ontop of youma they race down towards the fight. As soon as they arrived they waited for the smoke to clear. After the smoke cleared they saw someone standing side by side with youkai." hey youma who do you think is that standing next to him." D. not sure what she should do now looked at youma who look like something was wrong." I am not sure who that man is but i don't like the looks of this." youma confused as to why this man was here. the same man who tryed to kill him last time.

" looks like your friends are here youkai." raion rushing up to a dragon and jumped on its back then he drew the dragons attetion to himself." D. youma please do not interfere ok." both D. and youma nodded their head yes. " raion lets stop wasteing time." " i agree." both youkai and raion turned their back to back.youkai firing his flame cannon while raion fired his earth cannon at the dragons." get them into one spot and try to hold them there. D. and youma help him out." youkai stabb his sword into the ground, then raised his hands into the the air and started to gather heat into his hands. raion doing excatly what youkai said with the help of youma and D. put them into a single spot and trying to keep them there, but were barely to. turning their attention back to youkai saw a giant fire ball in the air above him." get out the way." D. pushing raion out the way of youkai's line of fire." thanks D. 'mega nova'." hitting the dragons head on with his mega nova, causing an explosion which took out the dragons in a single attack." there its done." dropping to one knee saw raion behind him, drawing his sword from the ground spun around and pinned it against raion neck." now tell me what are you doing here?"

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