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Chapter twenty nine: King ranpu

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1 Chapter twenty nine: King ranpu on Fri May 16, 2008 3:45 pm


(Ranpu:)King dontai then said "dammit!!! why,why,why!!! you always enterfear with my plans ranpu!!" Raru then said "father!! then gaia that you are hear!!" Then ranpu said "you tried to kill my son and one of my allies!!?? i would never let you do that!!" King dontai then said "fine!!! then ill have to get rid of you!!" he then shoots out a shadow ball from his staff. Ranpu then said "wrath ball!!" then a green ball formed from his hands and he shot it and it clashed with the shadow ball. then Ranpu jumped pass all the blood elfes and attacked King dontai. they started fighting and exchanging blows. As they were fighting, Lardyn asked raru "so thats our father....." he then said "yup! hes the stronges of the elves in darnassus. but the funny thing is hes not even from darnassus. hes from this country called exidon, and he always told me i hade a brother. so your the son of gaia, my half brother." Lardyn then said "yes i am...." then as Lardyn looked up at his brother wearing his funny goggles, they hear a scream. when they look, they see Ranpu hanging on king dontai's wand. King dontai had driven the staff threw ranpu's chest. Lardyn yelled "father!!!!!" and raru yelled "dad!!!" and ran twords King dontai, forming rocks from his hands and throwing them. but they just bounced of, or missed dontai. when raru reached dontai, he jumped into the air, but was sent flying by a shadow ball from dontai's staff, still threw ranpu's body. He then throws ranpu off of his staff, with blood dripping down it. King dontai then said "so that's all the best elf in darnassus has to offer!! pethetic!! hahahahahaaa!!!! your next kid!! kid?? are you crying for that pethetic excuse for a elf!!! hahahaaa!! then cry kid!! cry!!! hahahaaaa!!!" Lardyn, with tears rolling down his red cheaks, says "that elf was my father.... i don't know much about him.... but i know that im his son!! YOU WILL PAY!!!! AAAAHHHHHH" Lardyn's eyes turned dark green, and a light green aura grew around him. he then grew wiskers and a cat tail. he then grew his wings from his bird form, but instead of the wings being on his arm, it was on his back, and they grew out like an angel. then he grew hair on his hands and arms, and his arms grew bigger. his finger nails started to grow into claws, and his teeth grew into fangs. he then grew guils behind his ears and his hair turned dark green and it grew long and wild. he then stood on his hands and feet like a cat. he then roars loudly.

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