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Chapter 4~Preparation - Part 3~Mineral Shift

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1 Chapter 4~Preparation - Part 3~Mineral Shift on Fri May 16, 2008 3:56 pm


"Clash you see all this,the forest the animals.This is you.All the animals you see here are another form of you." Senshi said.
'All the creatures I obtain affect who I am?"Clash asked.
Looking lazily around the forest evry thing was blurry like his memories.But evrything started to clear up.This may be the only way he could remember his past without triggering his rage.He shielded his eyes from the light that apeared to come out of nowhere and felt great.
"Youve got to teach me how to do this on my own Senshi".
"We have to be going clash,being inside your thoughts had shown me somethings you would have failed to see even if yo tried,your new abilities".
But clash did not hear him,he tried to tune out his talking with meaningles thoughts as the memories of the forest came back to him.He turned his head slightly caching senshi with his eyes closed breathing deeply.Before he could stop hi he found himself back in the physical world.He noticed his arm was bleeding so he consentrated on healing it right away.
Kami looked at Senshi and said "so what is it sen,what did you learn".
"Alot,I learned abilities that took most morphers hundreds of years to learn but he can learn it just one day" he replied.
"So what is it Sen" Asked clash.
Senshi reached into one of his pouches and said"I was going to sell this crystal but I think you should be able to use it" He hands clash the small crystal then told him to close his hand into a fist and consenrtrate..
After a minutes of consentration clash's arm starts to crystalize.At first his hand turned into crystal then it continued to grow and indulge his arm.He coulnt stop it,it kept indulging hhim until it reached his elbow.He coulnt open his hand and was just mesmorized by his new ability.
"What the heck do i do with this,I cant evn open my hand"Clash said.

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