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1 Clash on Tue May 20, 2008 4:42 pm


If you are confused about my character and wish to grasp the idea I have put out to be clash please read the following.It will help you thoroughly understand my character.

Name::Komadori Koutos
Code Name::Clash
Age:: 15
Appearance::Clash has short spiky hair that is usually blue with red highlights but can be fully blue or fully red,it changes almost every day.His eyes are too red and blue,usually the right eye is blue and the left is red but still can be both red or both blue.If not during a time of battle he wears simple clothes but when in battle he wears magic clothing that grows back when ripped and goes to his perfect fit all the time because of his morphing.He is an average body type and weights in about 135.His height is 5'7.
He has canine teeth that are not very visible until he smiles.

Abilities::He can only use one of these in a battle.Although
in Unleashed form he may use all of them and even combine them.

Creature Morphing:
In his life he has assembled many creature forms.He gains a species when he touches it.
Its very important that he is careful of the species he obtains because it could change him as a person.If the species has a power he can copy its main attack,however it must be the element Water or Fire.He can Hybrid morph and fully morph.It takes him more magic to fully morph than to half morph.
Mineral Morphing:
He can absorb a mineral substance.
He can turn parts of his body into the mineral absorbed or shield it.
Even after some of the expanded mineral has left his body he can control the creation of more of the mineral(If its crystal).He eventually runs out and must absorb new minerals.The mineral that is expanded after absorption breaks down and is extremely easy to break once he is finished concentrating his magic through it(and will not work if re-absorbed).
He can manipulate what someone else sees.Many trained people can break his illusions although he knows that he uses it to temporally distract or confuse the enemy.
He can make copies of himself.This abilities is looked down upon alone but combined with Animal Morphing it could be very useful.The copies can be made with different personalities.
Unleashed form-This is clash's final form it needs a trigger affect for it to happen.(Two of his trigger affects are when clash learns about his past and when he is very angry.)

*Malignant ~Results in a form In which he obtains all his powers even one's he has not learned yet and they usually double or triple depending on the moment but he is thoroughly evil and hateful.

*Benign ~Results in a form In which he obtains all his powers and they increase depending on the moment but there are no destructive changes to personality.He uses this form in almost every battle he fights.

Bio:: A morpher who has lost his memory after a number of harsh experimental procedures (at the Northern Mountains of Several) to increase the morphers power and to turn him into a killing machine with no will of his own, but before the procedure was completed he was put in suspended animation until Legna's assistant decides what to do with him and the other experiments.He was a long line of different kinds of morphers and power absorbers due to arranged pairings in his clan.He was to be one of their strongest warriors but his powers were concealed at birth and would take years and years to obtain even a fraction of it.They had been planing to train him since birth but they had led themselves to believe that he had no powers at all.Years later after playing in the woods alone something happened.He had been attacked by a bear.When the bear jumped on him and had gotten ready to claw clash face off.The fear of an almost death experience just triggered one of his soon to be common powers.He turned into a bear himself and defeated it.He was now looking for dangerous animals to absorb he found several witch he then learned how to combine.He was the youngest in his clan to get this ability so they nick named him "Clash" which is the only thing clash remembers when he awakes from the suspended animation.The experiments done on him had reveled his powers that were meant to be and more.Although most of the experimentation was done to power his unleashed form(War related reasons)somehow every time he goes into Malignant unleashed form he becomes stronger.But the more he goes into this form it gains even more power over him.
Personality:Even though he does give trust to many it is easy to gain it as it is equally as easy to loose it.Only his friends get to know his real personality which is easygoing, friendly and dryly good-humored or people that he accepts openly when he sees they are nice to him.He tries his best to avoid seriousness.Even when exposed to a serious situation he tries not to over react. He also believes that he is marked unlucky and that the world is against him at times.Koutos has numerous contradictory traits, beliefs, and behaviors.He also has the habit of thinking out loud for reasons unknown.

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