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a bad choice?-31

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1 a bad choice?-31 on Wed May 21, 2008 5:25 pm


Flame Demon
Trying to figure out a way around this,but was running out of time and he knew that if he waited too long those people they saw would get closer." D. Don't worry about what he might do, right now we have to
move and get these villagers out of here and into a safe place." Walking past raion noticed a smile on his face." What's so funny?"
"Oh nothing except that instead of moving the villagers,why don't we
just fight."
"What do you mean we?" youkai confused started to use an abilitly call
'sekkou' which allows him to see a persons past just by looking into
that persons eyes directly.
" Don't even try to use that damn trick on me, it won't work. And as for we without me you won't know how to find them, you won't know how to beat them, nor will you know how to fight them, let alone hurt them."
Raion putting his sword away looked right at youkai and just kept on with that grin on his face.
" Fine then led the way, but just know this if you try anything then your as good as dead. Do you understand me?"
" Yeah I understand."
" Good lets go then. D. Youma make sure no one leaves or enters this village. Raion you are coming with me." No one wanting to ask what's going on with youkai just did what he said. Once youkai and raion left
the village D. summoned nezumi." Please help youma out and watch the village while I get some rest."
" I will do as you command."
" Well looks like she doesn't have a problem, but D. I'll come and awake you if I need help." Youma moving into the center of town and just lie down wanting for youkai to return.
" Sure I just be over here youma." D. walking into one of the house still left in tak and fell to sleep right away.

"Hey raion explain to me why do you believe in this legend." Youkai
looking up into the sky wonder how long it will be before he and his
friends could just relax and take the day off, or settle down and just
forget everything that happen to them since the very beginning.
"Well its more like a feeling. And seeing how I was betrayed,well I'm
doing what it takes to bring them down."
" So basically your just using me cause your not stronge enough."
Pausing for a moment seeing those soldiers that they saw earlier making camp out into the distance in the woods. And due to the temperture their was no leaves in the trees making stealth impossible." Looks like we
have to wait til night." Youkai down on one knee looking around making sure there was no scouts.
" Or we can just attack them head on and who ever survives then we and
take them prisoners and question him." Raion about to pull out his sword
but was stopped right in his place by youkai's hand." Hey what are you,doing let go of my hand!"
" Look something is going on over there."

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2 Re: a bad choice?-31 on Thu May 22, 2008 7:39 am


Wata Leader
Wata Leader
awesome this is really a page turner... if only this was a page...

False promises only work for Doctors and  Goverments. The reasom why these lies only work for these two groups is because by the time you are able to realize these are lies, you will probably already be dead.
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3 Re: a bad choice?-31 on Tue May 27, 2008 12:58 pm


Flame Demon
ummm what?

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