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return to the village the short fight with clash-34

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Flame Demon
Trying to return to the village youkai,and raion drops down to one knee." I think I went over my limit" youkai struggling, trying to get up but had a hard time." Yeah me too. Damnit I must be losing my touch."
Putting a grin on his face, making youkai laugh from his comment. Once they got back to the village they were stuck and saw that D. Was right in the middle of a fight with another girl, while fang was fight two
people by himself.the village elder came up to clash and told him who were they and also what they had done in the village." Hey before I fight with them, tell me this. Why did you guys attack them in the first."
" Because he himself turned into a dragon. And I guess we just panic."
" You just can't attack someone just because they can do one thing. Atlease give them a chance." Pulling out his sword had youma and raion help out D. While he went to go help out fang." So who are you excatly?"
" My....name.....is clash." Barely being able to speak due to the long fight he had just had with fang.
" Is this wolf yours?"
"Yes he is." Bringing fang back so he can rest youkai held his sword up, but his vision was starting to fade. Thinking to himself now.' Damnit I have to end this. And I have to end this now.' Rushing forth swong enkou
at clash who defended himself with a diamond like arm. Then using his free arm he thrusted it into youkai's chest, going through him compeletly. " you are....going to have to...do better than.....that if......you.....want to beat me." Youkai using what little strengh he could muster up, pulled the diamond like blade out his body and pushed
clash away." Hey what are you?" not sure what he was backed off abit but then charge straight for him.
" Just a tired guy." Opened his palm and waited for an attack. Both youkai and clash thinking at the same time
ending the fight in one strike slashed at each other. Clash dropped first but would be fine with enough rest. But on the other hand youkai wasn't in any condition to keep fighting so he fell shortly after.' Damn why couldn't I use the flaming strike.' Was youkai's last though before he blackout. 'Damn just who is he?' was clashes last though before he fell out as well.

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