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Awaken to new freinds-35

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1 Awaken to new freinds-35 on Tue May 27, 2008 1:35 pm


Flame Demon
Waking up to the sound of dragons, and feeling the rubbling of the ground. Youkai found himself lying in a room with the same person he fought.' Why is he here.' Was all youkai was thinking when D. Came in with some girl.
" Good your up, we need help out there youma is having a hard time fighting the dragons while me and kami here are having a hard time protecting the villagers." D. Turning around to the sound of youma's voice. Clash had finally woken up when kami ran past him." What's going on?" nobody answered him. Youkai turned to clash
" were under attack." Now running out of the room and into the battle field saw that there was barely anything left of the village." Hey you go over there while ill take care of these over here. Once we finish we start
to head towards the middle." Clash just nodd his head and then ran off. Leaving youkai behind.
' Damn it where's everyone.' Seeing everything destroyed, and most of the area still had some of the fires remains on the ground youkai started to get a wierd feeling.
' Don't you guys die on me.' Noticeing something move he started to head in that direction. hoping wishing that nothing has happen to anyone.

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