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youma's death?-36

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1 youma's death?-36 on Tue May 27, 2008 1:38 pm


Flame Demon
Continueing to rush forward youkai drew his sword and got ready but when
he got there he saw what seem to be fang.
' That must be the fake fang I heard about from D. and youma. Well lets see who he really is.'
" hey you there, who are you?" youkai taking a fighting stance when the fake fang disappear into thin air.
' What. But how?' just then something hit the ground behind him. Turning around almost instancely he saw youma.
" NO!!!!!!! Youma." Dropping his sword ran to youma who was badly hurt.
" Y..you...youkai.....don't wor....worry about....m...me." Closeing both eyes made youkai thought youma was dead, picked up his sword and then his body started to glow. In a anger voice youkai prepare to fight.
" It is time you all." Pauseing for a moment before finishing his sentence

D. Turning around because of a huge explosion that accured in the
northern part of what ever was left in town.'youkai what's wrong.'

Clash turning around felt an increable power like he has never felt
before started to head towards the strange power source.

Kami feeling weak all of a sudden knew why so she started to head to
source of her failing power.

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