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rampage! youkai on the loose-37

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1 rampage! youkai on the loose-37 on Tue May 27, 2008 1:43 pm


Flame Demon
Everyone now running and fighting their way through the dragons. When everyone somehow met up in the middle they saw what look like an angel of some kind.
" Is that who I think that is." Both clash and kami look on in horror as youkai in his angelic form was ripping apart the dragons one by one. He first started with the wings, then he moved on to the tail. Then he ripped off their hind legs. If the were still alive when he ripped off the front legs then he would rip off their heads.
Contiuneing to watch this scared that he might turn on them when D. Yelled out.
" Look over there. I think youkai sort of blackout." Looking to where D. Was pointing to saw youma on the ground.
" Is he dead?" Clash senseing some life in him had kami heal youma back up to full strengt.
" I'll be right back I am going to try and snap youkai out of it."
" Wait!!!!" but it was too late D. had already left. D. still running saw youkai pull out his sword.
' This is not good. Who knows how strong this form is especially when he's not himself. I have to hurry.' Trying to get closer couldn't because there was still too many dragons. Feeling another present youkai turned around and saw D. who had a scared look on her face. Seeing this youkai clam down enough to regain control of his
" I'm sorry D. I didn't mean to scare you. But I...." not being able to finish because D. interrupt him.
"We have to get out of here and fast". Turning saw what D. meant.
" Now that's a big dragon." Running towards clash and kami, youkai noticed that youma wasn't on the ground.Instead he was in the air circleing them. When youma landed they saw a mysterys man appear from no where. Clash getting mad yelled out.

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