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Flame Demon
Charging towards kusari clash started to morph into a half dragon, looking too late youkai didn't know that the dragon was clash so he fired he flame cannon directly to his back.
" Look out.CLASH!!!!!!" kami jumping in the way took the flame cannon head on also taking full force of the attack. Clash turning around morph back to normal.
" Kami. Are you ok?" Now on his knees waiting for an answer when youkai appeared in front of him.
" I'm sorry clash I didn't know that the dragon I attacked was you." Kami slowly getting up,walked towards youkai.
" Uhh....youkai was it. You are really powerful. Could you please help clash." Running out of time kami explain the story to youkai who excepted the task that was asked of him turned just in time to see kusari defeat the gaint
dragon in a single strike.
' I have a bad feeling about this guy'
" hey clash ill finish up the rest of the dragons, while you fight and defeat that guy who just got here." Clash knodding his head was hoping to get a rematch didn't care. Youkai walking to the last remaining dragons who stood next to their leader.
" WILD FIRE." Fire shooting out of youkai's body like a wave of en-tense heat started to burn right
through the dragons incenerrateing them completely.

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