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youkai vs bakemono-39

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1 youkai vs bakemono-39 on Tue May 27, 2008 1:53 pm


Flame Demon
Looking around,checking to make sure no dragon was left alive saw the fake fang next to the giant dragon. About to draw his sword,the fake fang started to glow. Absorbing the now dead dragon the fake fang grew
wings out of his back and his fur became hard nearly impenatrable. His tail grew spikes out in the end and his nails became sharper and a lot bigger.
" Who are you?" youkai fully drawing his sword out,was about to take a step when the fake spoke.
" Hello youkai. My name is bakemono. How's my brother fang doing." Bakemono fired off a dark matter energy
ball which youkai knew really well. Hitting the dark matter with enkou youkai trying to hold it off but was being overpower, needed more power he transform into his demon mode and continued to hold it off.with sparks flying everywhere youkai was in a bind.
" Uhh...damn such....power." Not really able to hold it off anymore turned his head to see who was behind him saw that D. and kami was there looking right at him.
' Damn it if I let this attack go they will be destroyed.'
" what's the matter youkai having trouble holding off one of my most weakess attacks." Shocking youkai compelety, youkai nearly fell to the ground but caught himself as he continued to slide back.
" Why.....are you doing...this?" trying to figure out why bakemono was attacking him was starting to build up power around himself creating his fire aura. Sucking up the attack little by little until it was gone completely.
" Because I felt like it that's all." Firing the same attack again but this time with more power.
' Damn.' Openning his hand youkai fired off his mova attack, using the energy he absorb both attacks were equal in power colliding with each other. Both attacks started to create
a giant crater in the ground shooting off sparks hitting the remains of the dragons in the area. The attacks started to increase in size as they battled with each other. Both explosing nearly at the same time sent
youkai sliding back abit. When youkai look up bakemono was gone.
' If that was his weakess attack then just how strong is he.' Turning around ran towards clash to help him with the man who appeared.
" Clash hold on I'll be there soon."

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