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youkai vs kusari-40

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1 youkai vs kusari-40 on Tue May 27, 2008 5:29 pm


Flame Demon
' damnit that bakemono. I wonder whats wrong with him, and whats the news about him being fangs brother.' being lost in thought nearly forgot about clash. looking up he saw clash on the ground struggleing to get to his feet." clash what happen. you lost already?" wondering how clash lost so fast didn't noticed that kurasi ran towards them." ahh!!!!" kurasi striking down his axe about to finish them both with a single strike. seeing this youkai pulled out his sword and let it clash with kurasi's axe. the ground bended in making a small crater with rocks flying everywhere due to the power that kurasi had.
" what power!" both D. and kami was being send backward by the sheer force of the attack.
" damn....how strong....are....you?" youkai barely able to hold off the attack.
" congralaution on stopping and surviving my axe. but can you stop it a second time." raising his hand for a second time slammed it down again, breaking the ground sending more rock flying everywhere.
" not bad in dodging my attack. your pretty fast."
" heh your pretty fast yourself. but tell me something, you won so why are you still attacking him?"
"because" appearing behind youkai." i warned him." slashed down again only to be stooped again by youkai.
" stop....this already. AHHH!!!" throwing kusari off of him and into the the last buliding destroying it completely.
" youkai...lets g...get out...of here.he is hundred times stronger then you are at full power."clash getting up looked directly at kusari, and walked away.
" heh you dont have to tell me that.youma can you get clash,kami, and D. out of here." youma nodded his head.seeing kusari starting to get up held out his hand and waited for the right moment.now seeing his chance youkai started charging up his mega nova fired it at kusari who slash down on the attack. struggleing in holding it foe a moment.
" not a bad attack you have here." putting more power into his axe kusari destroyed it in a single blow.now looking around for youkai and clash kusari put his axe away.
" where did they go?"

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