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Chapter Ten:Test

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1 Chapter Ten:Test on Tue May 27, 2008 10:08 pm


Abyssol and the knight clashed swords.Abyssol looking into the helmet see`s only darkness.Abyssol says"Now what the hell might you be?"
The knight just jumps back sends a wave of crystal shards from his sword at Abyssol.Abyssol counters with shadow wave and folows up by chargeing at the knight rabidly slashing.The knight raises his shield and it exspands into a wall infront of him.Abyssol`s rabid slashs connect with the wall but do not penetrate it.Abyssol shadow steps behind the knight and drags his blade down the knights back.Abyssol jumps back see no blood on his blade or coming from the slash wound in the knights back.The knight turns around towards Abyssol unaffected by the wound.Abyssol smirks "so im fighting a suit of armor." "Since you won`t bleed to death form ill just have to rip you apart!"The knight raises his sword and crystals from the walls and floor shoot out towards Abyssol.Abyssol using the speed he learned from watching Jazz fight rabidly shashing around himself deflecting the shards.Abyssol bored says "lets finish this shall we." The knight charges to stab Abyssol but he is pushed back by a dark matter explosion from Abyssol going into shadow form.Abyssol lifts both his hands and fires a dark bomb from each hand on both sides of the knight.The Knight is smashed between the force of both explosions then ripped in half when they vacume and exsplode again.The explosions cause the room to start cave in.Sara waiting on the surface notices rush wakeing up with half his face swollen,she starts to giggle.Rush still groggy saysn "I hate you to the fullest extent." Abyssol rises out of the rubble on top of a claw made of shadows.Sara curious says "thats new" Abysol replies "it`s evolution" "I am one with the abyss, so just like darkness I can learn certain abillitys like jazz`s speed and that crystal Knights manipulation of his element."I don`t even understand it completely let alone know it`s limits."Now lets get back to Gaz im sure he has our transportation to exidon ready"

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2 Re: Chapter Ten:Test on Wed May 28, 2008 3:40 pm


those dark bombs are a killer.... literaly

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