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Flame Demon
Hanging around the giant rock that could be seen from the abadon town.
" hey. Dad could you please send these people somewhere safe." Kami looking at the people who seemed to be scared of youkai as well as the man who they escaped from.
" Hey you over there get over here." Raion calling out to the soldiers who was trying to hide but they were spotted easy.
" y-yes sir. How may I be able to help you?" the head guard stepping up dropped his weapon and dropped down to one knee as if raion was royalty.
" Are the lords in osanago?"
" Yes the lord of thunder is still located there"
" Where are the other lords located at?"
"We don't know sir. They disappeared with a man named kaitos." Youkai
hearing his brothers name ran to the head guard,grabbed his armor and
demand to know where they were heading.
" I...don't know...sir" youkai barely allow the gaurd to breath needed D,kami,senshi, and clash to pull him off of the guard.
" Damn youkai why did you flare up at the man when he said kaitos?"
" Because kaitos is my brother. And I need to find out why he attacked
me and everyone else before I headed to this town." Senseing the man that they had fought earlier youkai turned his attention to see kusari walking right past them up a hill. Forgetting about his brother compelety faced clash.
" Unless he didn't know we were here or he didn't care. Follow him and find out where he is going. Also try to keep your distance. So that way if he catches on to you, you can leave before he does anything to you." Waiting on clash to see if he will go against his demands. Clash just looked at kami.
"Don't worry clash I'll look after her for you."
" No it not that its just that I'm not sure I can make it back alive.I sensed many powerful beings back there and we were lucky to get stuck with a small dragon"
" Fang. Go with clash and help him out." Clash hop on fangs back and
went off to follow kusari.
" Youma you look after D, and kami. I am going to take raion and these
soldiers and head to osanago. When clash and fang return head north and you will reach it."
"So what do we do until they return?"
"Have kami train D."
"Ok. But be careful I'm senseing a really powerful and dangerous force radiating from that area."
" Don't worry youma I'll be fine." Both youkai and raion started to head north when D. stopped him.
" Youkai."
" D. before you say anything I need you to be strong, and I need you to stay behind and help clash and fang when they return."
" Youkai please come back. And also good luck I know you can do it."
" Thanks D." When youkai turned around D. Grabbed him from behind and just hugged him for a breif moment then let him go. Youkai and raion just continued on their way to osanago.

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