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chaos form unleased. raions near death experience-43

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Flame Demon
' why are there so many of them here?' getting mad youkai's body burst into flames and he ran down the hill.
" wait youkai. snap out of it." raions words not getting through to youkai had only one thing in mind." rock wall!!!" creating another giant wall of rock, but this time in front of youkai.' that should slow him down abit.' rejoicing was about to turn around saw youkai ram right through the rock wall breaking it into pieces. the wolf bargaged saw youkai because of the rock wall all fired an attack right at him. most of which was of shadow claws. flying right pass them dodgeing all of their attacks started to spin making a giant vortex of fire hitting the rebels and the wolf bargaged in a matter of seconds.raion not sure what to do but run. youkai turned around and faced raion. youkai now facing raion with fire in the back of him fired off his fire wave, which started to destroy the ground as it headed towards raion.' whoa how much power did he just gain? damn this isn't good.' when he was about to jump from the way of the attack he felt a hand on his shoulder.
" what!!!"
" DIE!!!!" openning his hand and just whipser something.' magma shot' both fire wave and his new found attack hit raions body at the same time.making a giant explosion that could be seen at the end of the giant city.
"y...you...youkai why are you doing....this?" youkai not answer him just looking at him in shock.' good thing i was able to knock him off of me and use my rock summon barrier. but i can't believe he destroyed it. such power.' lost in though didn't see youkai's fire started to build.
" what's going on?" youkai's fire turned dark red and became more intense, melting the ground.
" it's over!!!" youkai sped toward raion but stopped in front of him and grabbed his head. screaming wildly as if he is fighting himself, raion not wanting to be around youkai in his chaos state. when he ran off youkai appeared in front of him and called out.
" raion, are you ok. i couldn't stop my chaos form."
" chaos form?"
" yes i unlocked it when i was very little. but come on lets just get to the city before anything else happens."
" yeah, sure lets go." raion and the guards followed youkai into the city called osanago.

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wow raru can do that

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Flame Demon

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