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Chapter 5 ~ Friends or Foes - Part 1 ~ D. and Fang

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"Nevermind that now,youl learn soon enough"said Senshi.
Clash senced two beings,powerful entities .
"Wait someones coming"said clash.
"We know" Kami said while looking of into the distance.
There was a wolf about twise the size of a normal wolf and a girl that looked to be 10 years of age.
They herd the girl scream"Get out of here imediately! weve got things under control".
"What things!who do you think you are little girl!.Your crazy if you think were going to leave now that youve told us something has hapened!."said Clash .Clash looked back at Kami who looked at Senshi then sighed.
"No Clash,I think wed better set this one off"Senshi said.
"yea listen to your friend if you dont want to get hurt,i can't control my friend here at all.I think he has rabies."The girl said trying to get clash itimidated and it worked.Then clash took off which was very likely to his fighting style.
The collosal wolf sprung in front of the girl and started to growel.Clash sudently stoped in his tracks,he could no longer move.It was the aparent that Senshi was the one controling him.

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