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1 osanago-44 on Fri May 30, 2008 1:00 pm


Flame Demon
looking around inside of the magnificent city youkai ask the soldiers if they could take him to the center of the city and to find the ruler and who ever was in charge of the people.
" but sir are you sure you want to do that and not rest?"
" yeah im sure just lead the way." lefting his hand charging up fire in his hand to scare the guard. the guard started to lead them to the castle that was easliy seen from the outside.
" hey youkai tell me more about that chaos form of your." raion catching up to youkai put his hand on his shoulder and pulled him around." come on youkai, you been ignoring me about that chaos form you told me about earlyer."
" thats because i dont like to talk about the chaos."
" what are you talking about the chaos?"
" the chaos is the dark entity living inside of me that found when i was younger. i was told i was out for days, and when i got up and went to train on my own, i accendly used it and ever since i have been having trouble controling it. it stop and never came back, not until now.
" sir we have reach the castle. do you want to enter?" just nodding his head they enter the caslte.
" so this is the osanago castle huh, i heard it was a powerful place that no has ever defeated it."youkai looking around saw some of the guards training with swords, and bows. further on he saw some of the women cleaning some clothes. when they reached two huge doors youkai started to feel an uneasy present beyond the doors.
" what is behind those doors?" slowing moving his hand to the hilt of his sword stop.
" behind these doors is the king and his master knights."
" master knights?"
" yes each knight has master a different style of fighting. one has master swords, another bows, one has master spears. and so on."
" really,so how many knights are there?"
" there are fifteen different knights in there." youkai wondering who they are walked direclty in front of the doors and tryed to push them open.
" sir it takes ten men to open these doors." not stopping youkai kept pushing slowly open the doors until it was open completely. all the guards stop what they were doing and just stared at youkai. when a voice came out from the inside of the darkness.
" who are you?"

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