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Flame Demon
" the name's youkai. and who are you?" walking into the darkness saw someone standing with a bow in his hands.
" i am dak of the bow." pointing his bow at youkai.
" do you think that that's a good idea pointing your bow at me like th...." getting cut of when dak fired his bow directly at youkai. running to the dak dodged the arrow and drew his sword slashing at dak who easily dodge it.
" why are you running." running toward dak again felt something hit him.
" your so impatient. if you wasn't reckless, you would have noticed my arrow following you."
"what?" youkai remove the arrow and through it back to dak. when dak went to catch it youkai fired his flame cannon and destroyed the arrow in his face.
" so, you can use fire attacks. too back." dak lefting his hand fire of a water blast." hydro shot!!" youkai put the sword directly in front of him to stop the attack but it turned and hit him in the back.
" ahhh!!!" was the only thing youkai was able to say, dropping down to one knee. looking up youkai saw a hand in his face." what?" getting blast again youkai hit the wall.
" do you honestly think you can defeat me with such weak powers? do make me laugh."
" da...damn you." getting up youkai put his hand on his head and the other on the sword.' damn it i can't beat him unless i use chaos.' with that coursing through his head he didn't notice dak rushing towards him about to fire another arrow at him.
" youkai."
" chaos."
" unlease me or you will die!" refusing to do that got hit with an arrow. dak walked up to youkai and just whisper the words.
" infinate arrows." just then youkai got hit with an arrow, and then another, and another until the arrows just explosed. but dak didn't stop there he just kept firing them at youkai. after ten more seconds of this he then stop. waiting for the smoke to clear up, dak saw youkai still standing.
" you just don't give up do you. oh well." dak opened his hand while charging up to fire another attack at youkai, youkai started fall." aqua tornado." hitting youkai directly sending him flying into the wall nearly breaking the wall.
" put this man in the dungeon." when he turned around he saw a rock flying towards him, firing his bow dak destroyed the rock but when he turned around the guards were all defeated and youkai was gone.

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