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Komadori Koutos V.S Kyuki Tsuki

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1 Komadori Koutos V.S Kyuki Tsuki on Sun Jun 01, 2008 6:19 am


He looked to his back to get a look at her due to his enhanced vision he could see her clearly even during the Blizzard.He could not fight from that distance very well.
He seemed to multiply in her eyes but it was just illusions they all came toward her with astonishing speed.She releases the illusions.He notices but docent care and takes flight right to her.Quickly her eyes go pitch black and her hand starts to glow red. With her speed she heads straight for him preparing to cancel him out. To her surprise both his arms turned sharp and metallic.He wasn't an ordinary morpher,he can also shift into
nonliving things as well but to his limits of just an arm.It looked as if he was going to punch air but he wasn't he was shooting his out arms at her.As it shot out of him it grew again and shot out over and over again as they ran toward each other.One had hit her.As the others were coming she opened her mouth and screamed sonic beams to attack him while also using his attack against him.Clash noticed and took flight at that instant.But has gotten hit.He started healing while in flight.He felt safer several feet above her.She hisses at clash."Don't be a coward clash come and fight the big bad vampire"saids the vampire and then she she grins widely at him.He hears what she said and Roars in return.
He shot at her again but this time it was from far away and she could clearly see the attacks coming toward her.His arms hit the attacking spot but when he reached the ground she was no where in sight.He was looking around for her.Each time his head moved to another direction not even a second passes by.He gets angry which is the source for most of his power,his claws grow and his body starts getting stronger.He gets on all four of his legs and arms perfectly sitting there like a beast.He starts to catch her scent.she had popped up from above him in flight striking him.She watched him fall back to the ground.She hovers over him and purrs"aw such a cute little monster. hehehe." she grins.His arms were still silver and he shot at her.but he was too late.He got up quickly again to his beastly position.His greatest power was regeneration.But she kept getting away from his attacks.He has absorbed the powers of a fire and an ice dragon but never had been able to copy the magical powers of the creatures.He tried to breath fire but could not.He needed an edge to get that vampire.He tried once more but only a small flame came about.She thought he was going to perfect the mystical powers of the fire dragon.And she used one of the only unique dark powers she has obtained in the 500 years shes been a vampire.To absorb at least one kind of mystical power an opponent has .She noticed she could not get rid of his other powers but this one would be a easy task.
She sticks out her hand and absorbs the fire dragon powers.Clash's eyes widened as he saw her absorb the fire dragon magic out of him.He dint give it a second thought and blew out the most powerful ice blast hes ever seen before right in front of her

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