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Flame Demon
Doing excalty what youkai said, raion started to look around but as much as he tryed no one had answer his questions. Finding a building he had never saw before,started walked catuionly towards it. Hearing some noise
as he approched it raion saw that there was some guards hanging around trying to peak inside.
" So who do you think is going to win?"
" Their just sparring that's all."
"Yeah I know but these guys fight for real in stead of a plain oh sparring match."
" You have some truth there."
" So who do you think is going to win? Skred of the lance or martyr of the sword.?" not letting the gaurds finish their conversions raion knocked them out.
' Lets see who these two are.' Summoning a rock elemental raion was left to the top of the building. Looking down inside saw two people fighting. One with a lance and one with a sword.
' So the guards weren't lying.' Contiuneing to watch their fight he saw one of the guys left up his hand and fire started to spin around in it. Then he put his hand on the lance and the lance was covered in fire
that seem to be alive. The other man did nothing. After a few seconds of some more fighting the man with the sword re-sleath it. Then held out his arms, and some kind of dark energy field came around him. Firing the
attack with such force and power that was twice as strong as youkai's power was when chaos was released.
" This isn't good. If he's power is like that and their just training, then I don't think youkai can beat them. Even with chaos unleased." Turning around saw the guards he knock out get up so he hopped on his
elemental and flew away to try and find a safe place to hide. But when he got high enough he saw small explosions happen all over the village.
" Should we go?"
" No I have my orders. Go over to the hill were we where at before. I'll make a safe house there." Doing excalty what raion told him they headed for the hill.

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