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the vampire attack- 48( part one)

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1 the vampire attack- 48( part one) on Tue Jun 03, 2008 9:07 am


Flame Demon
"Hmmm" was the only thing youkai could say when he sensed three people stand behind him. About to turn around frose in his place.
' Damn it, why can't I move?' struggling to move his body, couldn't budged.
" Aww what's wrong. Is the little baby so afraid?" pushing his hand back ready to cut right through youkai when youkai was finally able to move again.
" Think again." Swinging his sword hit nothing but air.' What the where did they go?' looking around didn't see anything, but youma fighting fighting off in the distance. Turning around one more time saw the
people but it was too late. The man had already stabbed youkai with his hand through his stomach.
" Do you honestly think that a mere human like you can defeat a vampire like me?"
" Heheh" youkai laughing at the vampire cough up blood.
" Why are you laughing?"youkai grabbed the vampire's arm, and looked right at him.
" Because I'm not human. I'm a demon." Placing his hand on the vampires chest." Flame cannon" blasting right through the vampire like it was nothing. Causing the two others to run.
' What just happen. My flame cannon was never that strong.'
" It got that strong cause I fired it. Your still too weak from the last battle you had."
" Chaos. Please answer me. Why did you re-awaken after all this time?"
" I was re-awaken when you died and the saints try to pureify you." Chaos finally answering youkai, made youkai wonder if helping him out all those years ago was such a good idea.
" Chaos."
" Don't worry, I though I help you out because you help me out all those years ago." Laughing to himself youkai started to walk but fell to the ground. A massive amount of dark energy started to rise up of the floor. Coving youkai's body and breaking some of the rocks that next to his body. Fire started to indulg the dark matter and the fire along with the dark matter start to fuse together creating an indestrcable like field destroying anything that touched it. Youkai's powers started to increase and his wounds started to heal.
" Youkai when you awake this will all be over." Youkai's body rised up off the floor and just fired off three flame cannons that was the size of his nova. Hitting the vampire D, kami, and youma were fighting killing them in a single hit. With all the power that chaos had shown made youma realize what was going on, and also made the vampire's run off.
" Chaos. Why are you helping me?" talking while being unconscience saw chaos. At first chaos appeared as a gaint then he re-appeared as reguarl size.
" Because I felt like it." After chaos finished saying he felt like it everything went black. Youkai awoke to find D. who had fallen asleep watching over him.' damn it not again!'

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