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Flame Demon
" youkai explain." youma flying right in front of youkai, landed while pining him to the ground.
" wh....what are you talking about?" trying to get up off the floor but couldn't left youma's foot.
" how did you obtain chaoses power?" putting more pressure onto youkai's chest making youkai lost more strengt.
"g...get.....off....NOW!!!" youkai's hole body exploded in a burst of fire sending youma off of him." i didn't obtain chaoses power. but i do have him inside of me."
" what are you crazy. do you know what would happen if he is ever released?"
" yes im well aware. but atlease know this." pausing for a moment before continueing." if i die chaos goes with me. and besides chaos was fused into ever since he was defeated. but enough of chaos, what happen?" grabing his head trying to remember but everything was blank in his head.
" you don't remember" nodding his head no. youma filled youkai in on what happen. once youkai remember he saw raions earth elemental come out from the sky and land next to D.
" youkai we have a problem!" rushing to him.
" what happen and wheres raion?" turning his attention towards osanago youkai remember the battle with the knight and the vampires that ran away." kami do you think you can set a barrier around the half beat village."
" yeah but what for?" lefting her hands to make sure she can create one big enough.
" because we fought vampires yesterday. and most likely they will come back with more vampires then before." facing osanago youkai motion for youma to come with him.
" so when i see them do i put it up."
" actually put it when we leave. i taking youma with me so there will only be the two of you's here. i will try to return soon." hopping on youma setted off with the elemental leading them.
" youkai do you remember the knight you fought before."
"yeah. what about him?"
" well three more appeared at the safe house raion made. i escaped to find you under raion's order."
" what!!! youma we need to hurry."
" understood." youma rushing now with the elemental close behind them.
" youkai it's down there." with no energy left the elemental disappeared. looking down safe a house of some kind. when youma landed youkai recongize that the energy radating from the rock house.
" this is raion's energy. youma stand guard outside." rushing inside saw that it looked like a normal house. walking further in youkai saw some stairs leading in a deeper part of the safe house.
" damn it raion." youkai not sure where to start looking heard a noise." here we go again" rushing to where he heard the sound found two knights standing next to raion. about to help him out remembered that there was suppose to be three.
" youkai! what are you doing here?"
" where is the third knight?" looking around couldn't find him.
" im right here." appearing in front of the opening and directly behind youkai.
" so what is it that you want excatly?" youkai turning around drawing his sword. in doing so made the two knights behind him draw their weapons.
" we just want to talk." confusing youkai re-sleth his sword.
" ok im listening."

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