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the three betrayed knights-50

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1 the three betrayed knights-50 on Wed Jun 04, 2008 9:38 am


Flame Demon
" were you the one who fought with dak of the bow?" the knight walking towards a chair near the entrance of the area.
" yes i'am. who are you?" youkai being placed next to raion. looking around saw that raion must of have used up alot of energy creating the safe house.
" i am raok of the sword, the first knight of swords to ever be in osanago. to my left is sac of the lance. and to my right is oukoku of the axe." youkai walking up to the next and extended his hand.
" my name is youkai. and this is raion." shaking hands with raok turned around and looked at raion to make sure he was ok. seeing raion was ok youkai turned back around." so why are you guys here?" crossing his arms around his chest waited for an answer.
" we need your help." seeing the look on youkai's face raok continued on." we were betrayed by our king and fellow knights. you see it all started a few months ago. when the three of us returned from a neighboring town to bring them supplies, that our king were giving them. when we entered the castle we we attack by the twelve knights the king now. when we ask what was the meaning of this the king himself attacked me and called me a traitor. we somehow managed to escape them but we were badly wounded and had no shetler, because of the reward the king was offering the people if we were found. we was planning on going our own way to maybe be able to go on without being noticed but we decided stick together seeing how we had a better chance of surviving. after our wounds heal we heard of a powerful warroir fight with dak of the bow. so we decided to risk our hiding place that we went undected to find him. and now we found you." raok dropping down to one knee as if he was royalty " would you please help us?" when raok said that the two other knights drop down as well.
" don't do that. stand up. i'm sorry guys but im not a powerful warrior like you were told. but i will help you. but before i do i need to wait for my friend to return also i need to make sure the two allies i left behind are ok."
" then we will accompany you and help you to the best of our ability." the knights got up and followed raion and youkai to the village as youma flew a head. when youkai what was happening it was too late, the vampire had returned and started to attack the barrier.

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