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Chapter 5 ~ Friends or Foes - Part 4 ~Youkai

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1 Chapter 5 ~ Friends or Foes - Part 4 ~Youkai on Wed Jun 04, 2008 12:29 pm


Glad that senshi saved him again, clash turned his attention back to the large wolf in armor.
" Your stong." clash said breathing heavily.
" But too bad your weak." The wolf started to charge up a fire ball in his mouth. A shield or barrier of some kind was made from the fire. And the more the wolf charge up his attack the bigger the attack became. Clash stood up and took to the sky firing his mineral shift at the wolf, which still had little to no damage. Then decideing to hit the fire ball directly. Clash sent the mineral shift as hard as he could but when the attack was close enough the wolf disappeared again.
" What!!!" looking around saw the wolf standing behind him. When clash turned around compelety the wolf fired off the attack, at the same time senshi kicked at the wolf to his side and threw him of balance. The attack still flying towards Clash in what seems to be a beam like attack hit clash engulfing his hole body. The wolf ignored the explosion and ran towards senshi. Clawing at senshi didn't noticed that clash survived the attack.
" What is your name? Mines is senshi."
" My name is fang." Pausing for a moment clash about to run at fang when senshi stopped him.
" Clash fang's friends arrived."
" Friends?" Whispering the word cause of the pain he felt. Looked around and saw a guy who looked to be around 16 to 17 years old breathing heavily with a sword on his side.Just then the wolf disappeared.
" What is your name?" the guy asked him.
" My....name is....clash." Forcing himself to talk." Was that your wolf?" turning his arm into a mineral.
" Yes it is." The man drew his sword.

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