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Chapter 5 ~ Friends or Foes - Part 5 ~Youkai VS Clash

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." So who are you excatly?"
" My....name.....is clash." Barely being able to speak due to the fight he had just had with fang.
" Is this wolf yours?"
"Yes he is." The swordsman held his sword up.Clash could tell that he would be no match but at least he sensed him to be tiresome.Thinking to himself now.' Crap,hopefuly he messes up.'seeing the swordsman rushing forth swung his sword at clash who defended himself with a diamond like arm. Then using his free arm he thrusted it into the swordsmans chest, going through him compeletly. " you are....going to have to...do better than.....that if......you.....want to beat me." he said using what little strengh he could muster up, pulled the diamond like blade out his body and pushed clash away." Hey what are you?" not sure what he was backed off abit but then charge straight for him.
" Just a tired guy." Opened his palm and waited for an attack. Both the swordsman and clash thinking at the same time
ending the fight in one strike slashed at each other. Clash dropped first but would be fine with enough rest. But on the other hand the swordsman wasn't in any condition to keep fighting so he fell shortly after. 'Damn just who is he?' was clashes last though before he fell out.

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