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Chapter 6 ~Allies,The Dragons attack - Part 1 ~Disordered

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Clash was wondering where he was,feeling some pain from the fight he had heard kami's voice. looking around the room clash saw kami walking with the girl she was fighting with from earlyer.
" What's going on?" is the only thing that came to mind when clash saw them leave. Then he heard a voice from the middle of the room.
" We are under attack." Following the man out the door saw that there was barely anything left of the village. He heard the man send kami and the girl who he called D. to one place, when the D. said something back to him. But the only thing he caught was a name." Clash you go take care of that side while I take care of this side." Not wanting to argue and go against everyone clash did as he was told just nodding his head then heading off. Sensed two dragons on his side started to run transforming into an cheetah human hybrid to gain speed. The dragon turned back when clash tried to claw at the dragon and merely scrached its leg. Then he fired a miernal shift at the dragon's back when it took off. Hitting it in the right spot made the dragon crash land being badly injured. Before clash got to finish the job he sensed a wierd power flowing through the air. He wondered what the energy was then ran off. Meeting up with D. and kami. Fighting his way through with the help of the two girls saw youkai's dragon hurt on the floor, and youkai going crazy on the dragons,he seemed to not be thinking while fighting them.He was ripping their heads off and flinging them in the air.Having kami heal the youkai's dragon tried to get D's help to calm down youkai but when he turned around it was too late she had already left. Not hearing what she said, didn't go after her seeing how he had to protect kami.

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