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Chapter 6 ~Allies,The Dragons attack - Part 2 ~Demonic Angel

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Clash saw Kami run to the direction where Youkai was and he told her to stop.She dint and kept running.
He was running for her at a much faster pace and Cought up and grabbed her arm and she stopped.
"Kami where are you going"Clash asked.
"I sense much power coming from that direction,so much that its affecting my powers."Kami answered.
"Lets go"Clash told Kami.Clash grew wings then picked Kami up without her consent.He then took flight to catch up to the others.
Clash was fighting the dragons just enough to get by.Warding them off by shooting at them continuously with mineral shift while he flew.

When everyone somehow met up they saw what looked like to be an angel of some kind.
"Is that who I think it is"Both clash and kami looked in horror and disgust as Youkai was riping the dragons apart.Continuing to watch,scared that he might turn on them when D. yelled out"Look over there I think hes knocked out"looking at Youkais dragon Youma on the ground." Is he dead?" Clash said while sensing some life in him.Kami healed Youma back up to full strength in a matter of minutes.
" I'll be right back I am going to try and snap Youkai out of it."
" Wait!!!" but it was too late D. had already left. D. was still running when she saw Youkai pull out his sword.
' This is not good. Who knows how strong this form is especially when he's not himself. I have to hurry.' Trying to get closer couldn't because there was still too many dragons. Feeling another entity come fourth Youkai turned around and saw D. who had a scared look on her face. Seeing this Youkai calmed down enough to regain control of his angel form.
" I'm sorry D. I didn't mean to scare you. But I...." not being able to finish because D. interrupt him.
"We have to get out of here and fast". Turning saw what D. meant.
" Now that's a big dragon."youkai said while running towards clash and Kami, Youkai noticed that Youma wasn't on the ground.Instead he was in the air circling them. When Youma landed they saw Kusari appear from no where. Clash getting mad yelled out"YOU!!!".

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