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Flame Demon
Returning back to the village with more allies then before youkai started to worry more about chaos and what would happen if he would lose control durning the fight with the vampires. He probably wouldn't come
back after that. starting to think to himself.
' How can I stop chaos from coming back.' Not really able to find an answer looked up and just stared at the sky. But he quickly returned his attention back to the village. As they appoarched it they were attack.
" Youkai ill take care of the one outside the village and the rest of you can go on inside." Raion drawing his sword and jumped in the air towards one of the vampires.
" raok help him out."
" Got it." Raok rushing forward to help raion out as youkai and the two others knights run into the village. Looking around to find kami and D.
youkai split both knights up.
" Youkai how do you know that this girl name kami is over there?"
" Because I can feel this strange force coming from over there up on the north side." Youkai having trouble focusing due to all the different powers in the area. Then his vision is blocked by the reconstion the
village went under. His hearing is blocked by the sound of nearby fighting.
" So you must be the one who killed my brother?" youkai turned around and saw a big vampire standing there. The vampire looked as if he was bitten at a young age but the power youkai felt told him other wise.
" And who are you." Now drawing enkou didn't wait for answer as he charged at the vampire.
" My name is ashitaka." Dodgeing the attack with ease threw a counter punch that youkai block with his sword. Youkai noticed that the vampire ashitaka didn't want to fight.
" Something tells me you don't like to fight." Driving the sword into the ground saw the vampire back off a bit.
" Yes I merely came here to join you."
" And why would you do that?"
" Because my brother is now free. Free from this curse that we had. I am only half vampire so I am unaffected by the sun,unaffected by the lust. My brother wasn't half he was full vampire and you freed him. Please allow me to join you." Youkai not sure what to think saw D. come up from behind the vampire and placed
her hand on his shoulder.
" I'm sure youkai wouldn't mind another allie." Stareing at youkai made him feel gulity. Not sure why he did but he allow the vampire to join him.
" D. you take ashitaka here and fend off the vampire on the east side. youma and one of the knights that came with is in the north sidi while kami and the third knight that came with us is in the south side. raion is with their leader on the outside of the west side." youkai pulled up his sword off the ground and pointed it to the sky." im going to stay here and take care of this guy." everyone looked up and saw a vampire above them in the air just stareing down on them. ashitaka reconginze who he was, and tryed to warn youkai but it was too late. the vampire already landed behind youkai.
" please dont fight him youkai! he is metaru, and he is the powerfullest vampire. he leads the vampire now after he defeated the previos leader, and...."
" dont worry ashitaka. ill be fine just go with D. and do as i said." walking towards the head vampire placed a smirk on his face. youkai started to feel chaos's powers buliding up inside of him. appearly chaos wanted to fight metaru.' too bad chaos he is mines'
" youkai dont be a fool you know you cant win. let me fight him."
' im good. ill take care of him myself without your help.' turning his head around to make sure D. and ashitaka left then turned his head back around and raised his sword and pointed it to metaru's face.
" the names youkai. some me your power." rushing towards metaru and swang his sword at metaru's face.

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