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Metaru vs youkai-52

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1 Metaru vs youkai-52 on Fri Jun 06, 2008 1:50 pm


Flame Demon
swinging his sword at metaru youkai couldnt feel any power radiate from his.
" if this is all you have then this will be quick." stopping youkai's sword with his hand punched youkai across the face sending him back a few feet.
" damn what was that i just felt." when he looked up metaru was gone.' where did he...' getting hit again but this time from behind him. youkai placed his hand on the floor to keep from falling and at the same time he spun around firing his flame wave where the vanpire was but the vampire wasnt there anymore. youkai noticed something more just in time to dodge a punch to his face but he wasnt fast enough to dodge metaru's kick, and was sent flying back again. falling to the floor youkai saw that the vampire has a lance stabbed into the ground behind him.
" so you are still alive. you must not be fully human."
" how... did you know that?"
" because a normal human would have died in the first hit." appearing in front of youkai stabbed his lance at him. youkai moving slighly to the side avoid the lance. grabbing the vampire arm fired his nova into the vampire's chest. with the nova hitting his chest metaru was being pulled back abit but then he deflected the attack back into youkai's face. using his silent steps youkai was able to avoid the attack but was easily hit by the vampire.
" im surprised you lasted this long against me. and im also impressed that you hit me with an attack."
" it...couldnt be help." youkai stood up and closed his eyes, as his eyes remained close his power started to increase.
" good you are taking this fight serously." the vampire took his stance with the lance in his hand and got ready for youkai to attack.
" i hope your ready metaru! cause now the fight really starts!!"
" i was hoping for a good fight."

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