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Chapter thirty six: the Hero

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1 Chapter thirty six: the Hero on Fri Jun 06, 2008 1:50 pm


Lardyn was running for longer then he can remember. until he heard a screem come from a village nearby. when he entered he sees people of all speices gathering around. there were not only elfes, there were strange large insects and other things he could not discribe. he then hears the screem again. he turns into normal and runs to what all the people was looking at. He then sees three men yelling at a women on the floor. one man was slim and had a sword, the other was fat and had a club in his hand, the other was short and brolic and he had a two-handed sword with him. the slim man said to the women "you husband owes money to the boss and he left you to pay!!!" the women cried out "....please.....i have nothing....let me go please!!" the slim man then walked closer to the women and put his sword to her throut. he then said " that's not my problem lady!!! you have one thing you can give me..... your live!!" he then tried to strike her but he was hit, and sent flying into a building nearby. the two other men looked behind them, and they saw lardyn standing there with his wooden sword in his hand. the lady got up and ran into the crowd, and lardyn said "how dare you.... try and strike a helpless women..... you are not a real man..... you are a coward!!!" The man's face turned red, and he yelled "HOW DARE YOU!!! you wonna die don't you!!" the man then charged at lardyn and pointed his sword at lardyn. But lardyn just sent a tree trunk at him with great speed, sending him into a building wall. the fat man said "GET HIM!!" and the two men charged at lardyn. Lardyn sommoned his wings and blew them into the same wall the slim man was in. All three men stepped out of the wall and they said "wait till we get the boss!!! hes gonna pummel you!!" they then ran off, and the people started to cheer for lardyn. the lady walked up to lardyn and said "thank you young man, you saved me. but who are you?" Lardyn then said "my name is lardyn, i come from a distant land called exidon, but i am soon to become king of darnassus, the city not to far from here. the lady then said "i know that place, it is the home of the night elfes, and also the capital of terrelia. Lardyn then said "have you seen a night elf women and a man come by here?" the women then said "i have seened a night elf women, but she was being escorted by blood elfes, which i thought was strange-" Lardyn's eyes was wide open and he said "thank you miss!!! which way did they go!!??" she then said "wait!! your not gonna leave us are you?? we need you for when those scary men comes back!! there comming with their boss two!!" Lardyn then said "dammit!!! i can't leave these people to suffer..... fine ill help" the people then started to cheer again, they yelled "LARDYN!!!! LARDYN!!!! LARDYN!!!"

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