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Flame Demon
In the pourning darkness that engulf him, youkai started to fell the form taking its toll on him. As youkai struggled to fight the darkness he soon realized that the darkness was the form trying to take over him. Some how over power the form youkai once again saw chaos.
" How did you like gift?"
" Gift?"
" Yes gift. That armor I gave you." But before youkai could answer chaos disappear. Youkai hadn't noticed that the pain he was felling disappear. When the darkness disappear youkai was standing excatly where metaru
left him at.
" I though it was over." Metaru was standing in front of him with his lance getting ready to strike down at youkai. Catching metaru's lance youkai swong his sword with enough force that he broke the lance in half.
" This time I won't lose." Youkai power didn't increase nor did it decrease. It just stood the same.
" Really and how are you going to do th..."
" Chaos unlease!" cutting metaru off completly youkai started to transform growing wings on his back, the armor caught on fire, his sword became one but youkai gained a totally different sword that he drew. Youkai's power started to increase again but this time it seemed that chaos himself was in control.
" Sorry youkai but in this form I'm the only one strong enough to control it." Chaos held out his hand and summoned a snake but this snake seem to be cover in fire, as if it was born from it. It went behind chaos and fused with him giving chaos more power and a tail and some horns. Metaru seeing this through a punch at chaos but chaos caught his hand and kicked him serval feet back when chaos appeared behind him swong the sword but all of sudden the form disburst and youkai reappeared in chaos form breathing hard with a shocked look on his face.
" Wh...what happen." Looking at his hands didn't see metaru kick him across the face sending him into D. who tryed to catch him in mid-air.
" Are you ok youkai?" youkai didn't answer.
" Please youkai say something." Still youkai didn't answer. The armor started to fade away." Youkai if you can hear me please answer."
" D." Youkai opened his eyes quickly, causeing D. To hug youkai because she was glad he was still alive.
" Ouch!"
" Sorry."
" Listen everyone." Getting up off the floor waited for everyone to get near." I need you guys to get to the safe house. If I can't defeat metaru atlease you guys will be safe at the safe house. Raion you lead the way." youkai not letting anyone say anything jetted off towards metaru.
" D. I'm sure you felt it just now."
" Felt what youma?" with a confused look on her face ran off to help youkai but was stop by youma.
" Felt his power turn dark just now. When he awoke his powers just shot up comely down. Its not safe to be near him when he's in that form. We have to go." And with that everyone followed raion to the safe house.

Meanwhile youkai starting to lose more of his mind the longer he's in chaos form. Drawing his sword youkai ran towards metaru thrusted his sword. Metaru was some how able to dodge the swords thrust by kicking it
out of youkai's hand causing the sword to pirece the ground. Now having to use his fist due to both swords being combine.' this isn't good.' youkai getting tossed around as if he was a ragged doll, couldn't stand up against metaru.
" what's wrong youkai, tired already?" metaru picking up youkai by the neck.
" heheh.....i...ho...hope you enjoy this."
" what?" metaru looked down and saw youkai open his hand on his chest. youkai kicking metaru away from him blasted metaru with his nova sending him further away from him.
" heheh i hope it's over now." forcing himself to get up saw metaru get up as well." what? no this can't be. what is it going to take to kill this guy?" trying to walk to his sword was punched in his back by metaru, landing next to his sword.

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Flame Demon

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