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Chapter thirty eight: suki is back

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1 Chapter thirty eight: suki is back on Sun Jun 15, 2008 4:34 am


As lardyn looked around, he could see the village people coming out of their hiding places. lardyn knew that this was stoping him from his main goal. so he turned into his cat form and ran along the road. as he was running he could hear the village people cheering his name in joy. as lardyn ran, he started to smell blood. as he ran more, the smell got stronger. soon he ran into a war between the blood elfes and night elfes. Lardyn charged in and attacked some blood elves with his shadow claw attack. then he turned into his normal form and used his nature powers to eliminate some of the blood elves. as lardyn got into the middle of the fight, he could see a carrage with the darnassus sign on it. he charged at it, hopping to find suki inside it. but their was no one. Lardyn then sees raru come out of no were and attack a blood elf that was coming after lardyn. lardyn then asked "why are you here" raru laughed and said "well who do you think marched these night elfes? and besides, your father told me to find lady suki, so thats what im gonna do. A darnassus soldier then runs to raru and says "sir, prince keith has been spoted to the north, but he is already fighting someone." raru then said "very well, we will help this person." Lardyn and raru then headed north to help this person fighting the blood elf prince. the darnassus soldiers started to follow, but rar told them to stay behind and fight of the blood elfes. when lardyn and raru got there, they see kaji, and razei fighting keith. Lardyn and raru charged at keith, knocking him off his horse. As keith looked up, he saw four people standing above him. lardyn said "were is lady suki!!" keith laughed and said "i don't have her, she woke up in a rage that only a women can have, whiped out half of my fleet. why do you think you are winning with such low numbers? because most of my army was injured or drowned by that girl!!" Lardyn confused, said "so she freed herself?" keith laughed even harder and said "i was trying to escape this pointless battle, when i was interupted by this hot head!! then!!! while i was fighting him this guy comes and says he want's to join darnassus and it's army and starts attacking me!!" Lardyn and raru began to laugh, but was soon knocked over by keith's horse. keith got away on his horse by a thread. Lardyn then said "so kaji, were is suki now?" kaji then said "she went back to darnassus. but the thing im wondering is why do this guy want to join us? i seen him fight just now and he is pretty skilled."

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