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Chapter forty: more trainning

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1 Chapter forty: more trainning on Wed Jun 18, 2008 3:27 pm


After everyone returned to darnassus, they met up with suki in the training grounds. then ranpu began to speak. Lardyn, kaji, raru, ruzei, hayashi, and suki was there. ranpu said "we seven are the protectors of darnassus. we must learn and train to become stronger. i will be helping you all gain your powers and learn how to work as a team. Lardyn may be the king, but we all are gonna work together and make darnassus into what it was before. and that also means defeating the blood elfes." ruzei then said "can't we just form an alliance with the blood elfes? i mean were all about peace right?" raru then said "you don't know the history between us huh? there whole point of living is to destroy us. there not gonna form an alliance." ranpu then said "raru is right, they won't go for it. what we need to do is become stronger, that's all. now shall we begin?" they began to train, they trained so hard that they were unable to move by the end of the day. the next day lardyn went to the training grounds to see ranpu standing there. lardyn said "were is everyone els?" ranpu then said "today they had other task. you and me are to train today. you are king, you are to be above everyone els. i know its unfair, but that's how it is." ranpu then got in battle stance and said "lets do a practice session, i want to see were you are young king." ranpu drew his sword, and lardyn drew his. lardyn then said "now you will know what it is like to see my skills in battle!!" Lardyn then charged at ranpu and their swords clashed. but lardyn had a plan, when their swords clashed, Lardyn's sword grew over ranpu's, and lardyn punched him in the face with all his might. ranpu fell to the floor and lardyn tried to round house kick on ranpu's chest. but it took no damage because ranpu seemed to have sommoned his wood armor. it looked the same as lardyn's, but with a deferent color. ranpu then said "wrath ball!!" and he forned a wrath ball and threw it at lardyn. Lardyn quickly summoned his wood armor and the wrath ball knocked him back. ranpu got up and said "good move disabling me like that. if i were not a wood elf, that kick would have hurt. now lets see how you servive my arrow barrage!!" ranpu then drew arrows from his quiver, and shot them one after another at lardyn. Lardyn started to dodge them, but they became to close to hitting him, so he summoned his enchanting roots to protect him from the arrows. Ranpu then said "good move, you almost were hit." ranpu then jumped behind the roots and slashed down with the second sword he had on his back. but he noticed lardyn was not there. Ranpu looked around, but could not find lardyn. then ranpu was sent flying by a shadow claw attack from lardyn, in cat form. Rnapu then got up and said "your better then i thought..... time for me to step it up a notch." ranpu then jumped high into the air. and a rain of arrows came down twords lardyn. lardyn dodged the arrows with his cat instincs, but when he looked up, ranpu was gone. when he looked around he could not find ranpu. then lardyn was sent flying from a shadow claw attack from ranpu. Lardyn was suprised and said "you can copy moves!!??"

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you never no if they will or not n also pretty cool
move copyer

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