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Flame Demon
waking up feeling extreme pain trying to ignore it look around the room and saw someone move couldnt really tell because his vision was still blurry. trying to get up youkai fell to the floor but before he fell soomeone caught him. he didnt know who it was because the stopped him from feeling anything but he did reconginze the voice. the voice who spoke was D.
" are you ok youkai? you scared me when clash bought you here with fang." about to speak youkai fell out in D's arms. now just smiling at youkai but then stopped wondering why youma said the things he said. D. was some how able to put youkai back on the table but instead of leaving the room when she saw fang and everyone walk into the room she walked towards them and threw them out the room saying youkai needed some more rest before anything else. whn she closed the door she felt someone power sky rocket, and because of the room they were in no one from outside could feel it. D. knew who's power it was excalty and just drew her sword.
" so you must be chaos?" when she looked in youkai's direction youkai's body had transform and was wearing the chaos armor. D. knew she couldnt fight youkai especial with youkai being transformed. when she ran towards youkai she drove her sowrd into him but to her surprise chaos didnt dodge the blade instead he caught the sword and pushed it away.
" relax im not here to fight, im just here to heal your ' boyfriend'." laughing because the look on D's face.
" but...i...umm...he..." couldnt really talk allowed chaos to heal youkai. when chaos finish healing youkai, youkai spoke.
" did you miss me that much that you seem to be freaking out." youkai laughing started to walk towards the door when D. spoke out.
" hey thats not funny." youkai stopping near D. and patted her on the head.
" lets go." walking the door they met up with everyone who was at the planing room.
" wow you heal fast. how do..."
" dont ask raion." cutting raion off completely had raion clear the table so they can figure out who would be in groups when they storm the castle of osanago.

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