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the pair ups!-57

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1 the pair ups!-57 on Fri Jun 20, 2008 5:49 pm


Flame Demon
"so how are we gonna do this?" clash walking towards youkai but stopped.
" the first group will consist of clash,fang, and raion. the second group will consist of kami,sac, and oukoku. the third group will consist of youma,raok,D. and ashitaka." youkai placing names of everyone into their groups when raok spoke out.
" but what about you, i mean everyone is in a group of three people while you are by yourself."
" sorry but iwont beable to fight with the rest of you." closing his eyes as he talked.
" so you think your better then us?" sac drawing his lance and attacked youkai. a second later youkai had his sword agaist sac's neck.
" sac its not that, its just that...." pauseing for a moment looked at D. not really sure if he should say it in front of her but she just knooded at him as if she already knew. taking a deep breathe then exhailing it before he contunied talking." my....my powers are become unstable. unstable as if it was a sepearte bean of its own. and i dont know how much longer i have control of it. it could just go out of control at any given moment and i wont be able to stop it. and im not going to take a chance and fine out especailly durning the attack on osanago." everyone stayed quiet for a while. then they all left to their respected rooms leaving youkai and D. in the planing room.
" youkai...i.." youkai nodded his head no as he walked towards his room. D. instead of head to her room she just followed youkai to his room. closing the door behind him." come on youkai..... why didnt you tell me about this earlyier?"
" because i got scared." after that was said D. became shocked. so youkai tryed to explain it to her." well its like this the more i fight the more i lose a piece of myself." lefting up his hand summoned fire which quickly went from red to dark red to black. not really sure why that was happen disburst the fire which made D. walk towards him

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you scared??? i would be shocked to...

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