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1 006 on Sat Jun 21, 2008 12:34 am

The watch asked Martel confused Adam. Reverse only listened to what Adam had to comment....

Adam: Martel dear what does this watch do?
Martel: First Adam from now on please does not use that attitude when you speak to me I ask for more respect. Now about the watch touch it and say "With this touch I am one bound with you come forth....
Phoenix." So that is what you need to do simple right *smiles*.

Adam had doubt on what Martel told him to do but still he did it

Adam: With this touch I am one bound with you come forth

Then a young lady naked with blond hair and white misty eyes appeared her nudity was covered by her extend hair and
Spoke to Adam

Phoenix: You can summon the 4 guardians of the elements and borrow they’re powers but only by calling my name first and will assist with this

Adam: Why my lovely Phoenix?

Phoenix: the guardians wish not to deal with the likes of humans...sorry so the nymph of the guardians must do this process of power

Adam: But I am no human.

Phoenix: you still mortal.

Adam: oh I see.

Phoenix: do not think I want to work with you either...it but a favor to my cousin Martel so does not confuse it human. I will leave for now I will come back when my help is needed.

Martel turned her attention to Reverse and focuses her eyes on his book

Martel: now is your turn. Open the book and read the first page.

Reverse opened the book and found nothing was written inside. Confused he asks.

Reverse: Martel the pages are blank why?

Martel: The book is blank until a drop of blood lands on the page then you make a contact with the book are bound to its laws.

Reverse: Martel what will happen to my first book?

Martel: The book will combine with your one new but when you make the "pact"

Reverse then did as he was told and saw four sentences appear....and he read the first

Reverse: Element of fire answers my call: Flare"

Sparks of fire appeared around Reverse that barely looks, as fire the color was white

Martel: That is good for a first time the spell didn't color right but that's all...basically this is how your training. It will only last about two months for you to master this so I will only be observing both of yours ability and correct you if anything is wrong

Martel: Now I want you to focus your mind on the feeling of pain even if it not in your nature. When fighting you must not care for your opponents’ health you must be ruthless

Reverse: But how

Martel: you have to lose your kindness to the creature that is the ones to blame. Bring out the hate you have to your father and express it in your spells

Reverse: So you want my anger to power my spells. Does the book have laws? And how am I going to learn new spells and will my training here be enough to defeat my father?

Martel: the answers to those questions are for you to ask yourself I have only aid you because your heart seems of good will. You must never lose sight of who your friends are and be strong as you can. As you said your spells do work with your emotions so you must not want to express so much anger that you can’t control a spell. As a training exercise fights Adam with the one spell you have learned. It may seem impossible but I believe in you.

Adam: Huh? What I fight him? I am going to beat the kid. Shouldn’t you make him fight one of the sprites?

Martel: No you must be the one so you can show him how to use magic more properly Adam.

Reverse: If doesn’t want to do it Martel please don’t force him.

Martel: No he will do it and like it because he owes many favors that I have soon to forget.

Adam: Okay why did you have to bring that up? I will fight him but I am not going easy on him.

By this time Adam had pulled out his staff while Reverse his book both starting casting at the same time. Suddenly a wave of water came rushing towards Reverse and engulf him in water quickly. Reverse could barely breathe.

Reverse then tried again to catch his breath but again Adam’s speed casting was too great for him to counter he had lost even before it began. Then again he remembered the marbles his mother had given him. While struggling with his breath he grabbed a marble from the pouch in his pocket. Quickly Reverse threw the marble and a barrier was created Adam’s spell disappeared. He was able to catch his breath and started casting.

Adam was surprised about the barrier but still this didn’t mean he lost it was just a delay victory. Adam unleashed a powerful fire spell towards Reverse but the barrier deflected it. He quickly cast another spell this time he planed to attack form below.

Reverse started casting the only spell he knew wishing for better results. The flames this time had more color but they barely reached Adam. “Well Toru you sure don’t have the talent for magic. Just take Martel advice make believe I am your father but then again you only have one spell. By the way it’s my turn to break that barrier and show you what real magic looks like” Adam points his staff towards Reverse and starts casting. “Magic of ancient, hear my call engulf my enemy in a vortex of fiery doom… Spiral Flare!!”

Intense flames surrounded Reverse and his barrier. The barrier was starting to crack from the heat of the flames. The flames were damaging to the barrier walls. The spell broke the barrier into pieces. He was left unprotected now, but Reverse notice something in his book he had mange to get a new spell. It was time to use it and see if the spell inflicted more damage.

Reverse: Well Adam it seems your not the only one with flashy spells my friend. Look like I have a new spell let’s see if you’re able to keep up with?

Reverse: ”Element of Water hear my call bestow my enemy with the fury of the sea: Gentle Tsunami “

Suddenly water appeared around Adam and formed a sphere. Adam.

Adam: Toru you win I given in it’s become too troublesome. Martel I want to teach Toru my method of combat he seems promising even if he is not a half elf.

Reverse and Adam both started working hard. With each passing day they grew stronger in their fields and so
Two months had pass and soon they would need to leave.

Martel:Well you two have sure grown I would even say your attitudes have change towards each other...but I believe Toru must now return back home and Adam back to his sister....

Adam: Yea I think your right...my sister has been in the care of Glack for a while now...

Reverse: Well I am missing home a bit but then again I would miss you man *smiles*

Martel: I have a gift for you here it is a Egg take care of it…and see you soon my pupils

Reverse and Adam both went there own way not knowing was in store for both.

Lenga: Do you I have a daughter but it seems she has disappear I wonder of its there doing Joseph…

Joseph: Sir Toru is head home well he thinks he is.

Lenga: Yes he believes that well lets set the plan to motion Joseph!!!

Joseph: Yes Sir

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2 Re: 006 on Thu Jun 26, 2008 1:40 pm


Flame Demon
I wonder wat the egg is even though I read this already I'm still now sure who who anymore
Care to help me out a bit?

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3 Re: 006 on Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:11 am

what do you mean ?
youkai I really don't understand Your Question

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4 Re: 006 on Tue Jul 01, 2008 2:00 pm


Flame Demon
yea my bad wats in the egg and who are each charater could u explain them to me i would be greatful

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5 Re: 006 on Sat Jul 05, 2008 6:24 pm


as would i

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6 Re: 006 on Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:49 pm


Flame Demon
yup were both slow

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7 Re: 006 on Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:22 pm

well if u read the chapters before u would be ask this..

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8 Re: 006 on Fri Jul 11, 2008 6:56 pm


Flame Demon
hey come on its been a while since i was on and also i was also reading everyone else's story that i cant remember so couldyou tell me please!!!

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9 Re: 006 on Sat Jul 12, 2008 1:02 am

Martel- Is the nymph of the forest who is traning Reverse
Adam- Is a former student who went back to learn the art of summonig
Reverse- The Main Character

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10 Re: 006 on Wed Jul 16, 2008 7:57 pm


Flame Demon
oooooooh ok thats helps alot thanks

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