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Chapter 6~Allies,The Dragons attack-Part 5~youkai's back

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Kusari acts fast and throws the pointed chain so it could stab clash in the chest but the wings were more flexible than they appeared and folded up in front of clash bocking the chain.Covering clash's entire body.When the chain hits the wings cracked.The pointed part of the chain was half way stuck into the wings.Clash made the crystal grow quickly on the chain until it reached kusari and indulged him.Clash count see anything clearly through the crystal and dint even know what to do next.He waits a few seconds for something to happen.Kusari was more than strong enough to break out.The crystal cracked once more and broke into hundreds of little pieces that fell to the floor.
The remainder of the wings grew back into clash's body leaving him wingless.Kusari took hold of his axe and swung it into the ground that somehow caused an earthquake that made clash tumble and fall to his knees.Youkai suddenly appeared he was running for awhile toward clash and got to him.he was to his left side trying to talk to him but clash dint listen.Seeing this kusari ran toward them ready to swing his axe.He had gotten close enough aiming for clash's neck continuing afterwards to take out youkai as well with the same swing.
Youkai drew his sword quickly and clashed it with kusari's axe before any harm was done.
The ground bended in making a small crater under them.D. and kami were nearly being sent back by the force while clash was sent rolling back on the floor.Youkai was trembling holding it in place as kusari barely nudged.

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