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Chapter forty one: ranpu's true powers

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1 Chapter forty one: ranpu's true powers on Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:58 pm


Ranpu looks at lardyn with a smile and says "so you noticed?" Lardyn then said "well you kinda gave it away by using my exact same move!!" Ranpu then laughed loudly and said "its a move that i learned from my father. he tought me how to study my opponents moves and use them the best way it suited me. now come at me with all you got!!" Lardyn then said "well im not so sure, i have a feeling soon, im gonna be fighting myself.... but no matter!! ill just fight you with moves that can't suit you!!" Lardyn charged at ranpu and jumped in the air, summoning his wings. he then moved his wings in a fast motion, creating a blast of wind. ranpu tried to escape, but the wind also pulled him in, so he was hit into the ground by the wind blast. Lardyn then said "im gonna attack you before you can copy my moves!!" he then flew down at ranpu. ranpu laughed and said "you are so worried about me copying your moves hat you forgot i had my own!!! wrath ball!!!" ranpu then jumped in the air and met lardyn in the sky, hitting him with the wrath ball. Lardyn was sent up into the sky, then ranpu drew his two swords and spinned them around and around until it mad a large gust of wind, then he threw it at lardyn, hitting him with that as well.

(to be continued)

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