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D's past-58

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1 D's past-58 on Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:27 pm


Flame Demon
Taking a seat besides youkai, making herself comfortable on his bed leaned against him and just took a deep breathe.
" Hey.....youkai."
" Yeah?"
" What I'm about to tell you stays between us. Ok?"
" Well this goes back before I met you when my brother first left the village. He use to protect me from the villagers when they wanted a sacific. The day he left that the villagers attacked me and forced me
back to my home. After a couple attempts to get me out, wether it was trying to break down the front door, or go in through the windows they finally decided to set fire onto the house when they were attack by
that....some weird kind of demon that came out of the fire. When it killed the two villagers that was send to burn down my home,everyone though I killed them. But then when they saw the burn marks on the two
men who died they started to call me a witch. They called me the devil and then they said that a wrected demon like myself didn't deserve to live so they set the house on fire. I was trapped in the fire and would
have, no should have died but I didn't. I was instead save by the demon. It turned out it was a half neko demon who just wanted to make friends but got attacks so it became scared and it defended itself. It tolded me
that if I wanted to live that I would have to fuse with it. Nartually I was scared and also I never told my brother this but shortly after our mother died, I too inherted the sickness she had so I was.....was dying.
I accepted the demon on its offer and I was cured of the sickness and I wasn't harmed by the fire. I guess it was because the neko demon was borned from fire and had the power of fire so I too had the power of
fire and became unaffected by it.. When the villagers saw I survived the fire they became scared of me and ran to someone,someone they though that could slay a demon. And his name was kaitos,the man that they went
to and he was the one who sent that demon after me, but it was different everytime I saw it. I was being protected by the neko fire demon I had fused with during the fire. When your brother sent more then one of
those shadow demons after me,I was forced to run away to save both me and the demon who was mortally wounded. And that's when I ran into you. But when that happened the neko demon started to act up, going crazy as if you wouldn't hestaite to strike me down. It would then tell me that I couldn't trust you because you was like that crazy man who had just finish attacking us. But when you fought with the shadow demon and
defended us from the demon the neko demon changed its mind deciding that you could be that back if you saved us. It tolded me it can finally rest in peace and just heal itself while I'm with you but to be careful
because your power was unstable, and I was sure how much of it was true til now."
" So it knew it before I did. I only noticed it when we fought that guy name mattias and that over size gaintic wolf of his." Looking down saw D. Had fell asleep on his arm and she had seem so tired so he let her
sleep while resting against the wall himself when it finally occured to him about what D. Said as he tryed to let it slide. But now wondering to himself why did a demon ask her to fuse with it. What reason did it have
to even save her, and what exactly would it gain from all of this? Not really able to get to sleep because of all these questions running in and out of his head, as youkai kept drafing away to and from realizity
when he felt some inside of him. Youkai felt as if he was going to explode when he heard something. It turned out to be D. Who mumble something about him.
" Don't worry.....youkai I'm here to........" just fading off youkai knew she was having a dream about something that happen to him in the past. And the more she dream while he was in it the more he relax but
when he saw the look on her face he was sure what it was. He knew that it was something horrible as he looked as D. Had that scared look on her face. Placing his hands on her head was somehow about to relaxed her.
" Hey neko demon,I know you can hear me so show yourself." Calling out the demon within D. But nothing happen so he called out again.
" Hey demon show yourself to me." Yet again nothing happen while he expected the demon to show itself to youkai. Now wanting it to come out demanded that is did. D's body glowed abit and the demon spang forth.
" What is it that you want with me youkai?" standing face to face with youkai with its fur on fire just staring at him while growling at him for being so close to D's body. Its eyes where light red and glowing. It had sharp claws that looked as if it could shred through anything. Its tail was long and had spikes coming out at the end. It was almost as big as fang if not bigger. Its fangs where long and sharp. It has a horn
sticking out of its head but was hard to noticed with the horn being so small. It was emitting a demonic aura that quickly change to that of a human and then back again to a demonic aura. It was staring at youkai as
if it wanted to kill him just for being in the same room and D. And itself.
" I want to ask you a few questions but I guess I won't be able to just ask you about them now will I?" putting a smirk on his face when the demon answered back.
" No I guess not." Lunging forward to youkai. Who just merely held up his hand to stop the demon in its track when it realized that D. Was still leaning onto youkai's arm.
" Let me put her down in a comforable spot then we can fight outside. Is that fair? Atleast this way we can fight head to head and not harm D." Youkai not really sure if it would work saw the demon back off a bit.
" Why is it that you care so much about her anyway?" was the only thing it said before it left the room and disappear up the stair leaving youkai to wonder why did he care about D. So much as youkai lied D. Down softly onto his bed as he picked up enkou and headed outside to fight the demon cat.

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Flame Demon
ahh leave me alone shadow does it and also i wrote it on my phone so thats how it came out

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