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youkai vs masurao-59

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1 youkai vs masurao-59 on Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:40 pm


Flame Demon
Walking past raion's door which was located south of the entry doors saw the neko demon waiting up the stairs for him. As he walked over to the stairs D's face kept poping up in his head. Trying not to concertrate on her couldn't help it. The more he tryed not to the more it happen. Thinking to himself excalty how would he defeat the demon when he could only think of D. But decided not to use any of his forms no matter how strong the cat demon was. Even if he were to die he still wouldn't use he's forms. Once he got outside he noticed that the demon was lying down waiting for him.
" My name is masurao. And I am on of the five fire animals from the master guru's who sealed away a powerful enitiy named chaos." Once he heard this youkai dropped his sword which masurao took as a oppuntity to attack youkai. Seeing the demon appaorch didn't have enough time to pick up enkou so youkai jumped under the demon to avoid its claw, turning around made a quick dash for his sword when the demon placed it paw on the sword.
" What's the matter youkai. Can't think straight." Asking youkai why did he care so much about D. Was the demons way to weaken youkai. While youkai fought he would be busy thinking about D. And not haveing his eyes and mind on the fight.
" Heh who knows.....Final burst." Youkai's hole body started to glow as he shot out a massive amount of energy towards masurao who smacked it away as if was nothing.
" Normally that attack could have......no it would have killed me in a single shot but because D. Has gotten stronger so have I." Opening its mouth fired off a sound wave hitting youkai in the chest knocking him to the ground.
" So your using her just to gain more power for yourself." Getting up to one knee when the demon ran towards youkai, throwing a series of attack at him forceing youkai to dodge every single hit. When the demon stopped it barrage youkai felt as if he got hit with every single hit.' What happened' was the only thing courseing through his head when he heard the demon laugh at him.
" How do you like my sound paw? Fun? I hope." Youkai saw that his sword was free from the demons claw so he used his slient step technique to pass the demon and pick up his sword.
" Tsk,tsk. Don't tell me you though I could easily be defeat by a few attacks as weak as those." Lying to masurao who knew far too well that youkai was in a great amount of pain
" Good I was hoping you said that. Sonic pulse." Shoting a ring of sound at youkai who countered it with his fire wave.
" You said you were a fire animal. So why are you using sound?"
" Just testing you that's all." Digging his paws in the ground opened it mouth started to store up a tremousd amount of power in its mouth. Youkai senseing this put his hands up and condense his mega nova into a small ball. Now both masurao and youkai started to build up power. masurao firing his attack whispered out' infiniti burst blaze' shoting a stream of blue fire towards youkai who waited for the attack to get extremely close to him building up more power as it got closer. When it got point blank youkai fired off his mega nova which fire turned from dark red to black, blasting right through masurao attack as if it was nothing. About to hit masurao in the face D. Jumped in the way and pushed masurao out of the way forcing youkai to jump in the way and stop his own attack. Struggling to stop it youkai was able to force it straight up into the air. When it exploded it acted as a black hole sucking up the clouds nearly sucking up everyone in the poccess. Once the attack stop D. Gave youkai a worryed look while the demon returned back inside of her.
" D.....I..." D. Just walking away after pointing up towards the sky. When D. Got inside youkai looked up to see nothing but darkness where he shot his attack to.
" What is happening to me?" walking inside fell asleep wondering why does he care so much about D. And what was happening to his powers.

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2 Re: youkai vs masurao-59 on Sat Jul 05, 2008 6:23 pm


hes good

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3 Re: youkai vs masurao-59 on Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:56 pm


Flame Demon
i was trying to have someone good but not really involved in the story
so thannks

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