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1 007-I on Mon Jun 30, 2008 3:31 am

Reverses said his goodbye to the sprites in the forest and head to the road that lead home with Adam. Both knew that it would be time soon for them to separate. Reverse and Adam talked about how much they believe they grew as people but soon the fork in the road appeared. The farewell was unavoidable ď

Reverse: Well Adam keep in contact writes to me or whatever pleases you. If you can visit me I would help you with any problem no matter how big. You can visit me I would help you with any problem no matter how big.

Adam: Thanks Toru I am gonna to see you around I have to hurry I want to my sister itís been so long I want to hug her and tell her all about you. So see you around.

Both went there separate ways, Reverse wonder when he would meet the second person he ever been friends with in his life again.

The clouds had become darker and the chirping of the birds had become less the wind had become more violent and colder. It felt like he was being followed by something he looked in all direction but nothing. Reverse was right he was being followed by someone, a girl who was scared to talk directly to him. But who was she. Green eyes, blue hair in a ponytail, her clothes were a green skirt with a matching green shirt all she did was follow Reverse. Soon Reverse was in an open field which meant he was very close to home when Reverse look back he saw a girl and boy in back of him. First thought he had given was that they were tourist heads towards his village.

Unknown girl: We have been looking for you.

Reverse: me? Why?

Unknown Boy: Our parents told us to help you with your mission.

Reverse: Mission me? Are you sure you the right person?

Unknown Boy: You are Toru Alar are you not?

Reverse: Yea I am but who is your parents?

Unknown girl: Well donít worry much about that we are your back up so anyway my name is Elimay and this is my brother Raudy we come from Hono.

Reverse: Thatís east from here so I guess thatís fine if want follow me to my village you can rest then head back home.

Raudy: negative we must follow you and be at your aide when need. You are our leader from this moment on.

Reverse: This troublesome um why didnít you spoke to me earlier if you were following me?

Elimay: Well I was to shy to speak to you and brother follow really doesnít lead its not how he works.

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2 Re: 007-I on Tue Jul 01, 2008 2:05 pm


Flame Demon
so u gonna babysit the kids while u away also who sent them hmmm.......

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3 Re: 007-I on Sun Jul 13, 2008 8:21 pm

Umm A big mistake from now on Elimay will be name Eury Sorry...

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4 Re: 007-I on Wed Jul 16, 2008 7:57 pm


Flame Demon
does the name really matter?

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