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1 007-II on Tue Jul 01, 2008 12:30 am

Raudy was shorter than Reverse had brown eyes with curly brown hair wore a cloak that covered his body from shoulder to knees. The look in his eyes seem to tell a history of hurt that’s he lived but for what reason.

Raudy: We should hurry so we can make it before nightfall to your home Toru.

Reverse: Okay then but first remember I don’t need your help for now If anything were to happen it wouldn’t be my fault.

Reverse, Elimay, and Raudy head towards the path that lead to the village. Reverse only thought of how many things could change over two months he wonders about Raine. The sun was setting and the village wasn’t in sight they decide to camp out till morning.

Legna: He meets up with two new people? How come nobody warned me of this factor. It must have been her trying to protect the boy.

Joseph: Sir where do we put the girl that just came in?

Legna: Put her with Raine I am sure they will have a very good conversation seeing that they’re both test subjects.

Joseph: What should we do about the old test subjects it seems they need some maintenance
Also your father seems to waking up again.

Lenga: Must I really monitor everything just update that and on the term of my father I will take care of that.

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Flame Demon
wats wit the test subjects?

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yea? whats with them

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