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1 SHADOW'S EPILOUGE on Sat Jul 05, 2008 6:19 pm


Wata Leader
Wata Leader
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"Brother! Brother!" shouted Ranya in tears hoping he would found. "I hear you, I'm on my way!" Dalu shouted back to keep her calm. He finds her and grabs her hand to run away. "Everyone is running away while the all the grown ups fight to defend us, we must get away from here" said Dalu while taking his sister to join with the others. A person screaming is heard from a distance, "Ranya I need you to stay calm and hide here while I go see what's going on, I'll be right back" he hugs her and goes on to check. Ranya hides and sees as the houses and everything in the head village is in flames all getting destroyed and quickly shuts her eyes. Dalu climbs crumble walls of a building and looks to see who's there.

"No creature is born with the sole purpose of dying." "Trust is an easy thing to destroy, but it can take a long time to built."

Half Elf: "What possible value does one burdened to exist with cursed blood have?... Sometimes running away is the one way to save yourself... Humans are so arrogant.

Do you have the dragon balls to do it?

I'm only human. I have the right to change my mind at any given moment without reason.
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