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1 008-II on Mon Jul 14, 2008 3:37 am

Side Note: From now on Elimay will be name Eury Sorry...

Reverse was waking to sounds of the morning birds and the beaming of the sun on his face. Emily was sitting not far from where camp was but Raudy was nowhere to be found. Reverse was ready to leave he start to clean up.

Reverse: Iím gonna clean up to leave. Just so you can know.

Elimay: Okay then we leaving Iím gonna call brother. *Whistles* He well be with us soon lets go ahead.

Reverse: I still havenít accepted your help you know.

Elimay: We know but we have to follow you tell our elders tell us other wise. Oh donít ask about them or anything we are not allowed to tell u anything sorry but itís a rule.

Reverse: I see that how things are gonna be.

Reverse finished packing up the campsite and starting walking. Elimay was looking around for signs of her brother but nothing. Soon he would be back in his village seeing his family and tasting her mother cooking.
Reverseís hometown was in the horizon not more than an hour away. Reverse was at the town entrance when he spotted Raudy just sitting and waiting, Elimay rushed to hug her brother who stay with the same face expression.

Reverse: Arenít you happy seeing your sister?

Raudy: Why wouldnít I be?
Reverse: Your face expression seems like itís all the same to you. Well if anything Iím itís not business how you treat your family.

Eilmay: Itís okay this is the way brother and me was raised. Well then letís continue I want to meet your mother. *Smile*

Reverse now was back home a place where didnít expect to be back so soon. Truth was that he wants to leave the village because he was ashamed of the fact that he couldnít protect his family. Even now he still felt ashamed because he knew that the power he had now wasnít enough to stand up to his father. Reverse was by the gate of his house when he saw a girl in the front yard. The girl took notice then stop what she was doing and run towards Reverse and hugged him.

Unknown Girl: Big brother youíre back yet! Iím so happy.

Reverse: Hey Elimay, howís my little sister?

Elimay: Well, I am not so lazy. Iím helping with the harvesting this year since your going to be busy brother.

Reverse: Thatís good mom needs your support since I am not going to be home much. How is Mom? Is she fine?

Elimay: Sheís ok, just not very happy, but maybe now she will be!

Reverse: ok then I am headed upstairs to check on her.

Reverse walked in the house and saw his mom cleaning the floor. When she saw him she jumped for joy. Then hug him tightly.

Reverse: Mother I missed you

Mom: I know as did I my son itís good to see your fine. Youíre going to be staying right?

Reverse: Yea of course I have to stay here and get new leads on father. Mother I am going out to see Raine I havenít seen for a long time so I will be back later and tell you all about my trip.

Before heading out to Raine Reverse unpacked his belongs and place the egg on his bed. He wonder what would hatch from the egg, Reverse left in direction towards Raine house it felt good to be alone. Both Raudy and Eury went to the inn to settle in until Reverse left town. He wonders what Raine had been up too in those two months he was away. When Reverse arrive in Raine house he noticed the garden was upkeep that was strange seeing it was always kept. There was a sign in her door: ďEvict in direct order of civicĒ. Reverse went to home ask his mom if she knew anything of the matter. When he arrived home he saw Adam sitting in kitchen with a worried face talking to his mother.

Reverse: Adam what are you doing here? Is something wrong?

Adam: They arrested Anna but it seems more like a kidnap Toru I need your help

Reverse: Of course Adam. You know I will help! Mother do you know what happened to Raine?

Mom: Well I heard she left somewhere and they where evict cause of it. The Elder should know about both these girls You should both go ask and quickly.

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This hapter has three parts or maybe even four...

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cool make em gud

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