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1 009-I on Thu Jul 17, 2008 2:30 am

With a few moments notice, Reverse and Adam headed to the Elder’s house. The Elder was sitting down looking out the window as if he was waiting for something.

Reverse: Elder…what happened to Raine.

Adam: Also my sister was kidnapped and I was told you might know something about it.

Elder: Yes both of them were kidnapped. Raine was kidnapped in order to get Toru’s attention, but I do not see any reason for your sister’s kidnapping Adam. However I know that it was your father Toru who kidnapped the two of them.

Reverse: Yeah I figured as much. Do you know where they were heading?

Elder: No but I sent someone to follow them, that person should return shortly, in the meantime you should head home and pack for the rescue mission.

Reverse: Yeah I guess, Adam let’s heads back, so we can relax, I know your tense right now but we need to keep calm.

Adam: All right let’s go for now.

Elder: I will send the person over when they return.

Reverse and Adam left and headed back towards his house where two guests were waiting.

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